A call to 911 alerted about the situation and an ambulance from the Coordinated Emergency Service arrived at the scene. The motorcyclist was transferred to the Central Hospital where She was admitted to intensive care with a diagnosis of severe head trauma, cervical and skull fracture. Everything seems to indicate that the helmet he was wearing jumped upon impact.

While Police personnel carried out a dose to the driver of the older vehicle that showed a result of 2.44 grams of alcohol in the blood, almost five times the maximum allowed by the Traffic Law. That is why Vergara was lodged in the cells of the Third Police Station.

The investigation was in charge of the Transit Prosecutor Fernando Giunta, who has a period of 24 hours to define whether to charge the man – it can be extended for a further 24 hours. For this it will be key to determine which of the two drivers was the one who passed the red light. Sources linked to the cause detailed that in the place There are no security cameras, so they are looking for witnesses who can give more details about it.

In case it is determined that it was the motorcyclist who did not respect the red light, the driver of the car could not be charged and will only have to answer for the violation of driving under the influence. But otherwise, his situation could be complicated until he is accused of serious injuries with eventual intent and imprisonment.

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