A 12-year-old girl is outraged against the so-called “pro-lifers”

Addison Gardner stood out for his speech given on Wednesday to elected officials in West Virginia (United States). The 12-year-old expressed her outrage over the bill restricting abortion, reports the HuffPost.

A panel of 90 state residents had been invited to come and speak to elected officials before the vote on the bill. Each had 45 seconds to express their position on the subject of voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). The law was finally passed by a majority of 69 votes for, 23 against.

“Doesn’t my life matter to you? »

These 45 seconds were particularly well used by Addison Gardner. “My education is very important to me, and I intend to do great things in life,” said the schoolgirl from the outset. “If a man decides that I am an object, and he does unspeakable and tragic things to me, am I, a child, supposed to bear and give birth to another child? »

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“Some here say they are pro-life,” declaimed the young American at the end of her short speech. “What about my life? Doesn’t my life matter to you? The speech, relayed on social networks, touched and moved many Internet users.

But the law was eventually passed with no exceptions for abortion. A few hours later, however, an amendment was tabled to authorize abortion in the event of incest or rape, but only before 14 weeks of pregnancy and if the assault was declared to the police, reports the Washington Post.



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