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9,213 new corona infections were reported in Austria on Tuesday.
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In Austria, 9,213 new infections with the corona virus were reported on Tuesday. 1,697 people are currently being treated with a corona infection in hospitals.

1,697 people with a corona infection are currently being treated in hospitals, 61 more than on Monday. 93 people (plus five) were cared for in intensive care units.

A total of 9,213 new infections were registered in Austria within 24 hours (as of 9:30 a.m.). This value is below the average of the past seven days (10,724). The seven-day incidence was 836 cases per 100,000 population.

New corona infections in the federal states

  • Burgenland: 273
  • Carinthia: 353
  • Lower Austria: 1,871
  • Upper Austria: 1,127
  • Salzburg: 509
  • Styria: 942
  • Tyrol: 697
  • Vorarlberg: 312
  • Wien: 3.129

The state with the highest seven-day incidence on Tuesday was Vienna with 1,217.1, followed by Lower Austria, Burgenland and Upper Austria (931, 843.7 and 730.7 respectively). Carinthia (660.5), Styria (654.7), Salzburg (644.9), Vorarlberg (608.6) and Tyrol (552.6) follow.

The number of corona deaths is well above the seven-day average

According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior and Health, there were 18 deaths related to the corona virus within 24 hours. This value was well above the seven-day average of 9.4. Overall, the Covid 19 pandemic has claimed 19,024 lives in Austria since it broke out. Authorities have recorded 4,705,111 cases since the pandemic began. 4,564,278 people have recovered since the outbreak of the epidemic, and 12,301 were considered healthy again within the past 24 hours.

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Around 11 percent of the PCR tests are positive

A total of 103,412 rapid PCR and antigen tests were reported in the past 24 hours. Of these, 82,455 were meaningful PCR tests. The positive rate of the PCR tests was 11.2 percent. This 24-hour value was above the average for the past week (an average of 10.8 percent of the PCR tests positive).

Only 83 primary vaccinations on Monday

1,519 vaccinations were carried out on Monday, 83 of which were first bites. According to the data from the e-vaccination card, 6,834,734 people have already received at least one vaccination. 5,357,468 people and thus 59.7 percent of Austrians have valid vaccination protection.

The protection rate (valid vaccination certificate) is highest in Burgenland at 67.7 percent. In Lower Austria 63.4 percent of the population have a valid vaccination protection, in Styria 61.3 percent. After Vienna (57.9), Tyrol (57.7), Carinthia (56.9), Vorarlberg (56.2) and Salzburg (55.6), Upper Austria brings up the rear with 55 percent.

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