About 90,000 users did not show up on the day indicated for the second dose of the vaccine against covid-19. The “task force” appealed, this Friday, to resort to the modality “open house”.

“It appears that there are, at present, about 90,000 users who were called for the administration of the second dose and did not appear at a vaccination center,” said the “task force”, this Friday, in a statement.

In the same statement, the “task force” appeals to these people to appear at a vaccination center, using the “open house” modality, exhorting the “sense of individual and community responsibility”. And he recalls that this modality is currently working “without restrictions on age groups, nor on the place of residence of users”.

“Currently, with a slower pace of vaccination (since the majority of the population is already vaccinated) and availability of vaccines, the second doses can occur in a vaccination center different from the place where the first dose was administered”, he stresses.

Open house schedules are available at https://covid19.min-saude.pt/casa_aberta/.


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