9 signs of laryngeal cancer to look out for before it’s too late

the laryngeal cancer is one of the cancers of the gorge by being at the level of the vocal cords. In France, there are approximately 16,000 new cases of throat cancer each year, all locations combined. if men have long been affected, this disease has considerably increased in women.

“The incidence is increasing especially in women, whose smoking has evolved over the past decades, even if global smoking is currently on the decline, “comments Dr. Emmanuel Béguier, oncolologist and radiologist.

Indeed, the tobacco and alcohol are the biggest causes of throat cancer.

Laryngeal cancer, which affects nearly 5,000 people each year, will be favored by the toxic substances contained in cigarettes. The latter directly affect the lining of the larynx. British association Cancer Research UK just shared several symptoms who must put the chip in the ear. Fortunately, they don’t necessarily mean you have laryngeal cancer. They can also reveal a cold snap or occur when you use your voice too often. However, they should not be taken lightly, especially if you have risk factors or if they become chronic. We review them in our slideshow.

3 things to do to escape laryngeal cancer

Arriving at quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake, you will be able to prevent this cancer. You should know that a person who smokes and drinks would be 40 times more likely to have laryngeal cancer. And less than 5% of patients diagnosed with laryngeal cancer have never smoked in their lives.

It is also advisable to adopt good eating habits by eating balanced, by regulating its weight. Regular physical activity will also help you.

A good oral hygiene is also part of the preventive measures.



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