Scandinavia at the forefront of wooden towers? Sweden has just inaugurated a 20-story skyscraper. Covering an area of ​​around 30,000 m², this tower houses six theater stages, a municipal library, two art galleries and a 200-room hotel with a conference center, restaurants and a spa. “The hotel offers spectacular views that stretch for miles above the city from one of the timber frame buildings with glulam pillars and beams», Explain Robert Schmitz and Oskar Norelius, the architects of the White Arkitekter firm.

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Despite its 75 meters high, this wooden skyscraper is not the tallest in the world. It is preceded by a Norwegian tower which rises to more than 85 meters. But unlike its Scandinavian neighbor, which mixes wood and concrete, the Swedish building is all in wood, the architects say. In the very structure of the tower but also in the auditorium, the library, the exhibition halls and even the elevator shafts.

The material is cut in forests 200 kilometers from the building and processed in a sawmill 50 kilometers from the tower in Skellefteå (in the north of Sweden), a mining town also known for its timber industry. “The project is made with wood as the solid structural material, not just a surface layer on top for the show. For this diversified program, we have used a range of innovative solutions to manage spans, flexibility, acoustics and overall statics.“, Detail the architects who hope that”the project will help others in our collective transition to carbon neutrality».

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In France, the big names in real estate development are more and more engaged in wooden constructions. A change constrained by the regulations concerning new buildings. It was in Bordeaux that the largest building rose from the ground. Located 5 minutes from Saint-Jean station, the tower rises “only” to 54 meters. Because the regulations are very restrictive for buildings of a larger size.

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