“The Delta virus is eight times more contagious and it can infect up to 600 people in just nine days. And these 600 people will in turn infect other people ”: comments by cardiologist and president of Heart Foundation Mauritius, Dr. Sunil Gunness. So, in an explanatory video, he sounds the alarm bells on the Delta variant.

Currently with the number of cases and deaths recorded daily, the country is facing a tsunami, he said. “This is a hellish cycle that will continue, if we do not react now. “

Consequently, barrier gestures and vaccination remain a key aspect in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Sunil Gunness suggests that there are several natural remedies to decrease the severity of the disease. The techniques of yoga, inhaling steam, taking a bath with salt water and gargling with salt water are the solutions, recommends the cardiologist.

Dr Sunil Gunness: “8 times more contagious, the Delta variant can infect 600 individuals in 9 days”


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