8 million views for “TMO” in Morocco and elsewhere

8 million views for “TMO” in Morocco and elsewhere

New version of “Turn On Me” signed Gims, Issam Ennajjar and Mohamed Ramadan

A record in Morocco for “TMO”. The piece which combines star Gims with artists Issam Ennajjar and Mohamed Ramadan occupies the first ranks in trend on the Anghami platform in the Kingdom.

A number of 8 million views is harvested, in less than a week, by the piece “TMO” in Morocco, in other Maghreb and Arab countries. An audience revealed by Universal Arabic Music (UAM), production company of this work bringing together the three renowned artists. All while revealing the underside of this creation.
In detail, “TMO” is, according to this company, a new version of the single “Turn On Me” by artist Kevin Lyttle, also produced by this company. And that’s not all ! “This new version marks the return of the artist Issam Ennajjar after an absence to prepare various works and a new album”, specifies Universal Arabic Music which recalls that “TMO” was released in Arabic, Egyptian and French. The lyrics are designed by Issam Ennajjar, Mohamed Ramadan and Gims. As for the arrangement, it is made by the star Massari, Naser El Bachir and Martin “Adium” Sinotte.

Beyond the fame of Gims in Morocco, the two other artists are known there. On his own, the Jordanian Issam Ennajjar does not fail to express his love for the Kingdom whenever the opportunity arises for him. This is what he does after the launch of his hit “Min Ghirek Inti” (Who apart from you), produced by UAM, during his appearance in a program on the Tangier channel Medi1 Tv. For this artist whose lyrics and the composition of this hit are designed by him for an arrangement of artists Zeyne and Nasser El Bachir, “the Moroccan public appreciates music and supports art”. In the sense of Issam Ennajjar, “Min Ghirek Inti” is a single that allows him to assert himself and he is proud of it. “I am very enthusiastic about the celebration of a concert in Morocco”, continues the artist whose work is full of emotions. As a reminder, the singer also has the single “Hadal Ahibik” (I will continue to love you) to his credit.

As for the Egyptian Mohamed Ramadan, he has already collaborated with the star of Moroccan origin, RedOne in “Jaw El Banat” (The ambaince of girls) alongside the Moroccan artist Nouamane Belayachi. A work designed to be the official song of the Gouna festival. On this occasion, Mohamed Ramadan declared: “I am very happy to take part in this film festival every year, especially since I was always invited as an actor”. For him, this single “reflects the lived experience and embodies in a simple and pleasant way the relationship between woman and man which I consider the most important part in life, society and cinematographic “drama”.

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And that’s not all ! this Egyptian artist has, among other things, a duet entitled “Ya Habibi” (Oh my love) which he performs with Gims who was called a Master who is an artist who needs no introduction.

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