The coronavirus arrived and with it, the digital commerce boom – which was already on the rise – took a historic leap that experts believe will hardly go back to pre-pandemic levels when a vaccine appears.

And the field where growth opportunities are most clearly seen for entrepreneurs who manage to survive the financial effects of the pandemic are digital businesses. These are 8 digital business opportunities in Latin America detected by the IDB and business promotion agencies in different countries of the region.

8Distance education platforms

Due to the partial closure of schools, universities and offices, traditional education had to be transformed overnight into distance education. The educational centers were among the first to be closed when confinements began to be decreed and social distancing policies were launched. So it was that they were forced to take virtual classes and get out of trouble waiting to improve their digital systems. And although in several countries in the region the confinements have been lifted, the existence of new outbreaks has cast doubt on the return to face-to-face classes. Globally, the closure of schools from May affected 70% of the world’s student population, equivalent to more than 1.7 billion students, according to the IDB.