As the days go by, the competition between banks increases and some of them are bitten. Every bank or bank achieves success by increasing the number of its customers.

The more clients a bank has, the more transactions and investments it has, and thus the higher its profits.

The competition is through the announcement of new offers, services, features and discounts. provided by the bank to customers,

We find that there are prominent names of banks that come at the forefront of competition.

Among these banks, Credit Agricole, which announced through its official website, and its official page on Facebook announced a new offer to be presented to customers, whether they have dealt with the bank before, or this offer will be their first deal with the bank.

In the event of his participation in the offer, the customer will receive a sum of 7,500 pounds, after implementing the provisions of the bank’s offer.

Credit Agricole announced the offer to open savings accounts with it, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its presence in Egypt.

Credit Agricole offer

The customer must open a savings account with a minimum of 150 thousand pounds, in order to take advantage of the offer.

The customer will receive a cash back of 1.5%.

The maximum cashback amount for opening a savings account will be 7500 pounds.

The bank will donate 1,500 pounds to the client, to Baheya Foundation.

In a text message to its customers, the bank said that if the customer downloads and uses banki mobile, he will have 15,000 happy points.

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