7 ways to moisturize your dry hair according to hairdressers

7 ways to moisturize your dry hair according to hairdressers

Hair can send you signals of fatigue such as dryness, roughness, dullness or frizz. In short, the hair can suffer from dehydration for different reasons that make the scalp not produce enough oil (sebum) to keep you hydrated. It is important that you are alert to these signs to stop them. We tell you how.

You have to know that hair needs a minimum of 15% water to stay properly hydrated, so it is essential to use products that deeply hydrate and one face mask that contains very nutritious, a minimum of twice a week, in addition to becoming fond of using hair oils.

Factors that lead to dehydration

There are many causes that cause the imbalance of your hair and make it dry and dehydrated. There are internal reasons, among which are: the genetics itself; age (as you get older you lose hydration); and the hormonal changes. The external causes are: very dry and hot climates; the frequent sun exposure and the wind; the contamination environment and daily “abuse” with habits such as the use of heat tools, excessive washing with unsuitable products or the decoloracin“, he explains Conchi Ariasfounder of Campos Curlyhair.

7 ways to moisturize your dry hair

As soon as we change the seasons and finally say goodbye to summer, split ends, dry and messy hair and dullness they welcome you and it is then that they make you aware of what your hair has suffered. So, with the arrival of autumn, it’s time to hydrate again with care.

  1. A reset for your hair. To renew, you must first eliminate what is useless. That is the function of exfoliating: a deep cleaning. For this reason, Conchi Arias points out, “in dry hair, the first step is to thoroughly clean and, later, treat with marine ingredients such as algae and marine collagen that provide proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to nourish, hydrate and rebalance”. Also, you can use a peeling capilar. That is, the scalp exfoliationwith which you will be able to eliminate those impurities, dead cells and residues that have been deposited, in addition to improving oxygenation and the arrival of nutrients through blood irrigation, necessary for hair to grow healthy and beautiful. “In dry manes it is ideal to do it in each season to maintain the health of our hair, as well as prevention and fortification”, the expert emphasizes.

  2. Oil as an ally. to return the hydration hair loss and recovering its healthy and beautiful appearance, products based on moisturizing ingredients: oils such as coconut oil, of argwheat protein, glycerin, etc. You can combine these with a more intensive treatment in the salon, which will help you reinforce the cutcula and keep the water inside. Arias assures that this tip “It is especially recommended for curly hair, which suffers the most from dryness.”

  3. Points under control. While it is important to restore the hair it lacks in moisture, we must also make sure to seal the cuticle as much as possible to prevent further excessive water loss from within the hair fiber. “By doing so, we create a protective barrier that retains hydration in the hair for longer. Your allies will be: hydrating masks, conditioners with an acid PH and appropriate hair oils for the specific characteristics of the hair,” he exposes. M Jos Llatadirector of Hairdresser Lata Carrera.

  4. Well of vitamins. Products and treatments based on vitamin A and C are the most effective in combating damage from free radicals, causing dryness. For his part, vitamin H or biotinIt is recommended to improve the condition of the hair, reinforcing its growth and strength, and thus restoring its glow necessary. At this time, with our holidays just around the corner and autumn just around the corner, these vitamins are essential in your daily hair care routine. You can apply them in shampoos or conditioners, and also through supplements.

  5. Protection + suitable shampoo. The definitive tandem to rescue a dehydrated mane. “Uses protector trmico when you are going to use the heat tools. Its function is seal hair so that the heat from these devices does not end up taking its toll and affecting its condition inside and out, drying out your hair”, warns can. Also, make sure that the product you choose for your hair cleansing is moisturizing and nourishing, and that it does not contain sulfates no alcohol.

  6. hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid-based treatments are great for resurrecting a dry hair. This molecule, naturally present in our body, is also in the hair. For this reason, treatments based on this element they restore in the capillary strand, the internal matter that has been lost over time. “It acts from within, from the deepest part of the fiber, reversing the damage and filling it in so that it has more resistance and elasticity. This kind of treatments hydrate and rejuvenate haireliminate the frizz as there is no hydration deficit and improve shine and color. The mane becomes silky and suave because she is healthier inside”, assures M Jos Llata.

  7. Out harmful ingredients. It is important to take into account the formula of the shampoos, Choose it free of silicones y aggressive detergentsthat do not clog the scalp and that clean in depth without damaging the hair.

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The red flags that you should not cross

to keep your hydrated hair and healthy, avoid certain practices that could dehydrate and damage it. Here are some things you shouldn’t do:

1. excessive washing. Avoid washing your hair every day, as this can remove the natural oils that keep it hydrated. Wash your hair less often or use gentle shampoos and conditioners.

2. Hot water. Don’t wash your hair with Hot water as it can strip natural oils from the scalp and make hair drier. Use lukewarm or cold water.

3. aggressive champs. Avoid products that contain sulfates and other harsh ingredients. These products can remove moisture and damage the cuticle. Opt for free shampoos sulfates.

4. too hot. Avoid excessive use of heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.

5. alcohol products. Eliminate hair products that contain alcohol. This ingredient dries up anything in its path.

6. Rub the Hair with the Towel. Avoid rubbing hard your hair with a towel after washing it. Causes friction and damage to the cuticle.

8. Detangle Dry. And unraveling dry, you will have breaks and damage insured. Use a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray before styling.


Epic Treat, de Noir Stockholm (44 euros). This mask repairs without weighing the hair down, from the first application, including the dreaded split ends. Its method of use is very simple, simply leave it to act for 3 to 5 minutes on damp hair that has just been washed. Rinse abundantly.

Epic Treat, de Noir Stockholm

Epic Treat, de Noir StockholmNoir Stockholm

Miracle Mask Goji de My.Organics (29 euros). Moisturizing mask with certified organic ingredients that produces deep regeneration and reconstruction. Restructures the fiber making the hair softer, brighter and more luminous. Provides deep hydration and nutrition without adding weight, the hair recovers its volume and body, improving combability and helping to untangle the hair.

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Miracle Mask, de MY.Organics

Miracle Mask, de MY.OrganicsMY.Organics

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