Do you feel limp and listless – or do you have certain symptoms that you have never had before? Then maybe these are the after-effects of an infection with Covid-19. 7 signs you’ve had corona.

There are many people who are completely symptom-free or have only mild Covid-19 symptoms and therefore do not consider them to be corona at all. We tell you how you can tell that you may already have had a corona infection. In any case, you should talk to your doctor about what to do and whether there is still a risk of infection from them.

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7 signs you’ve already had Corona

1. Sore throat, congested cough, runny nose

Do you latently feel like you have the flu – but you don’t have a fever? You don’t always have to have a dry cough. These symptoms can therefore indicate that you had a mild corona infection. For pollen allergy sufferers, this is even more difficult to distinguish.

2. Pain in the limbs

If the limbs hurt, this is usually accompanied by a fever and a flu-like infection. But it could also be that these are aftermath of a corona infection. If you experience these symptoms along with the signs described above, then you should definitely call your doctor.

3. Severe to extreme tiredness

Springtime tiredness? Can be, but doesn’t have to be. If you suffer from severe to extreme fatigue, this can be an indication of Covid-19. Fatigue, in particular, can remain with you for weeks and months after an infection.

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4. Fatigue

Along with the often extreme tiredness, there are strong symptoms of exhaustion – one speaks of fatigue. This condition can last for months, which is why this is a pretty sure sign that you have already had Corona.

5. Loss of appetite, no sense of taste

If you have little appetite, this is a typical sign of an infection – of course, this does not always have to go hand in hand with corona. But if you feel that food tastes worse for a long period of time, then this is a symptom that you have probably had a corona infection.

6. Red eyes

Think you just have dry eyes? However, if the eyes are permanently reddened, this can also be an indication of an infection with Covid-19, because the virus also affects the eyes.

7. Difficulty breathing

Are you finding it permanently difficult to breathe? This could be an indication that you have had corona because the virus is affecting the lungs. Shortness of breath is therefore one of the classic symptoms of an infection with Covid-19. Make sure to have a doctor check it out!

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