62 years after the tragedy, the mystery is finally solved. The police, thanks to science, found the murderer of little Candice Rogers, who disappeared on March 6, 1959, while she was selling candy in order to raise funds for the Boy Scouts. “It was the Everest of cold cases. A case which seemed impossible to solve but which nobody could forget ”, confided to the New York Times Zac Storment, from the criminal police in Spokane, a small town in the state of Washigton where the tragedy took place.

That day, coming home from school, the little girl, whom everyone nicknamed Candy, had thrown her schoolbag at home and went door to door, her boxes of candy under her arm. She never came home. After fifteen days of intensive research by the whole community, his body was discovered in the undergrowth. The autopsy revealed that she had been raped before being strangled by one of her own clothes. The investigation had not made it possible to trace back to the author of these atrocities.

Semen sample

Until early 2021: Washington State Police forwarded a semen sample from the girl to a lab. The levy “matched” with three brothers including a certain John Reigh Hoff. The daughter of the alleged murderer has agreed to provide her DNA to further the investigation. The noose has tightened around the culprit. One culprit, however, died: the man committed suicide in 1970 at the age of 31. The police, however, had the body exhumed to take samples and be 100% sure of his guilt. Once the results were known, the police said last Friday that they had officially solved the case.

“It took the determination of a community, the evolution of technology and the perseverance of generations of detectives to finally solve the mystery surrounding the horrific murder of Candy Rogers,” the police concluded.

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