Telegram has a number of little-known features that you should try to improve the use of your account.

Telegram, which over the years has become the alternative messaging app to WhatsApp, continues to work on the arrival of new functions, such as sending files up to 2GB. However, the application, which already has 400 million total users, also has 6 functions not too well known and what you should try if you have an account.

Regardless of how you use your account, Telegram has a series of functions that are not well known and that help you get a better app match, in addition to going beyond the basics. For this reason, we bring you a list of the six functions of the popular instant messaging app that you should try to get the best out of your account.

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Best channels of bargains of outstanding Telegram technology

Some channels of bargains on Telegram.

Telegram channels are tools designed to spread messages to thousands of people in seconds. Channels are only allowed to transmit messages to an unlimited number of subscribers and include a view counter. In addition, they also serve to track the number of people who have read a message.

Compared to groups, participation in channels is not allowed, so cannot interact with other users. Therefore, the user will only see what the administrators publish, making it an ideal tool to stay informed.

Automatic dark mode

Dark theme on Telegram

This is what the dark theme looks like on Telegram.

He dark way It was one of the most demanded features by users, and serves to give a break in view of the brightness of the screen. In the event that you only want to activate this theme in certain cases, Telegram also has a automatic night mode.

In this way, the user can the exact times between which he wants to activate automatically Telegram night mode. The default schedule for Telegram is from 22:00 to 08:00, but if you click on “from” and “until” within the settings, a clock appears where you can select the hours.

Chat folders

Telegram folders

Telegram folders are one of the most interesting functions.

With folders it is possible organize active conversations so that each chat is included in its corresponding folder – for example, work, family or leisure. In addition, it is possible to include both individual chats, as well as group conversations and channels.

Of course, it should be noted that the chat folders sync automatically with the desktop version of Telegram, so there is no need to create folders in every session of the app.

Save messages and files

Messages saved in Telegram

Messages saved in Telegram, another function that maybe you did not know.

Save messages and files It is a really useful function to use on a daily basis, since sometimes the different groups share files and images on a regular basis. Instead of downloading these files, Telegram allows you to save the message within the application itself.

To do this, just press and hold the message or files you want to save, press the message forwarding button and send it directly to saved messages. A function that you really should try.

Telegram bots

Best bots you can add to Telegram groups

These are some bots that you can add to telegram groups.

The bots of Telegram serve to add certain really useful functions, and users can perform different actions with them, such as check the weather or play mythical games. As for inline bots, to use the bots you just have to put their name with the at sign in any chat.

For its part, to access the independent bots you simply have to search for them in the integrated search engine of Telegram, start them, and follow the instructions that they will indicate. Although they can be used independently, you can also integrate them directly into your groups.

Secret Chat

Secret Chat on Telegram

These are the steps you must follow to create a secret chat on Telegram.

He secret chat It is a very interesting tool if you want to keep the privacy of your conversations. A chat that is very different from a normal chat on Telegram. The key is that the messages of the secret conversations can only be read by you and the receiver, while those of the other conversations are stored in the cloud and Telegram can decrypt them.

On the other hand, messages cannot be forwarded to other contacts, nor can screenshots be taken. So everything is kept private. If one of the participants deletes a message, it will also disappear from the recipient’s app. Even these types of chats also offer the self-destruction of messages in a certain time that the user chooses.

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