6 reasons to choose Occupational Medicine. Dr. Luis Reinoso

Dr. Luis Reinoso. President of the Spanish Association of Occupational Medicine Specialists (Aeemt).
From Aeemt we want to offer you a series of reasons why you should consider choosing Occupational Medicine in the next MIR election. We have tried to gather the contributions of several renowned specialists who serve in different countries. And the result is that Occupational Medicine for restless, open minds with the ability to adapt to changes and work as a team.

  1. interdisciplinary.
    You can see yourself immersed in a joint work with Doctors from the regional health services, inspectors, with Primary Care Physicians, cardiologists, oncologists, prevention technicians …
  1. Social and humanistic.
    It approaches the individual not only from a limited dimension but from multiple points of view, and in that sense it is very important since in consultation you can detect diseases and / or syndromes that, not being of work origin, are essential medical assistance. In this way you also prevent work accidents that could have been caused by these diseases.

    Occupational Medicine is for restless, open minds with the ability to adapt to changes and teamwork

  1. Business.
    We are the first line in the defense of the health of 20 million workers in Spain. Advice to employers, representative of the workers, being impartial, cultural clashes, company culture, healthy company and many others

– periodically assesses how the individual’s health is or may be affected by the job he or she performs and all that that entails.

– Applies the necessary preventive measures to reduce the risk of illness caused by the work they do.

– Carries out medical screening tests to rule out diseases and / or serious alterations caused by certain jobs.

– Applies health promotion measures in the workplace by giving talks and presentations to workers.

– Know the regulations and current legislation, to improve the safety and health of workers.

  1. Varied and international.
    You will be able to work in a multitude of public and private companies, hospitals, SPAs and countries thanks to how well valued the specialists trained in Spain are. Occupational medicine is the most sought-after medical specialty (Spring Professional Report).

    Specialists trained in Spain in Occupational Medicine are highly valued

  1. Expansion.
    It is a growing specialty, with attractive rotations through all medical and surgical specialties that address pathologies that may be related to work. (for labor reasons or for repercussions at work, which require adaptations of the position), address comprehensive health prevention in relation to jobs (primary, avoiding damage to health from the design of the positions; secondary through early diagnosis, and tertiary or rehabilitation that can be considered in the adaptations). Increasingly with greater social involvement, earning us the respect of other medical specialties, as well as businessmen and social agents. With important job offers at the end of the specialty, and international recognition of the training of TMs trained in our country.
  1. Evolution.
    In constant evolution, I work remotely, applying new techniques such as WellBeing … Our specialty is precious, because in addition to what has been said, there are aspects as exciting as psychosocial risks that are still very poorly addressed, and that together with emerging diseases, legislation, deontology, the role of the occupational doctor within an organization, etc … makes our specialty so unique. Even being able to work remotely. I think that once the “classical” risks have been overcome to a greater or lesser extent, the present and future lie in psychosociology, emerging biological and non-biological diseases….

At Aeemt we fight every day so that the working conditions of the specialty are valued and improved. Offering training, specialized advice and a community of specialist doctors around the world who provide us with different points of view of how our specialty develops wherever their work has taken them.

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