The weekly report from Public Health France provides a snapshot of the health situation in Reunion Island. The coronavirus epidemic has continued to gain momentum for three weeks now. A record for the number of contaminations was recorded last week and the incidence rate has also exceeded the containment threshold set by the prefect last February. Réunion is currently still under the threat of a total restriction of movement.

Covid: Where are the 33 active clusters?

More than half of the municipalities are above the threshold of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 7 are above the threshold for confinement. There are a total of 33 active clusters, 20 of which are of high or moderate criticality.

The Port – which also has an incidence rate of 500 per 100,000 inhabitants – has 4 high-criticality clusters as well as 3 in Saint-Paul and Saint-Pierre, 2 in Tampon and 1 in Saint-Leu.

There are 3 moderately critical clusters in Saint-Denis, 2 in Saint-Pierre and 1 in Port and Le Tampon.

All the clusters bring together 336 of the 1,441 cases recorded last week in Reunion.

The name of Delta double clusters

Santé Publique France also takes stock of the progress of the Delta variant in Reunion. The director of health surveillance at the Regional Health Agency, Xavier Deparis, announced Tuesday the confirmation of 40 cases on the island. 3 new clusters were also identified, bringing the total number to 6.

The national body stresses that “clusters where variant cases have been reported this week are related to large gatherings of people and several family homes“. A case was notably recorded via a participant in the private party which brought together 500 people at Le Tampon last weekend.

A cluster with multiple variants

Finally, Santé Publique France mentions a particular situation: “We are observing an increase in the number of risk exposures within communities and large gatherings of people with, in particular, the concomitant circulation of several variants within the same cluster. This is in connection with the intensification of the circulation of the virus on the territory, the significant share of variants, as well as the relaxation of barrier gestures.