There were numerous technical shortcomings in the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. In the subreddit for Battlefield 2042, the developer DICE has already commented on some problems and also mentioned fixes before the release.

Although many testers had a lot of fun in the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042, there were still numerous complaints about technical defects, bugs and errors.

In the subreddit for Battlefield 2042, F8RGE responded to numerous questions about certain errors and tried to calm them down: The beta build of Battlefield 2042 is several months old (via, many of the known problems have already been fixed or should be released still to be fixed.

The reddit user peanutmanak47 (via has now compiled several of these answers and shown an overview of the announced fixes. Here are 7 beta issues that should be fixed at launch.

1. Elevators will work properly

What is the problem? In the beta, it was hard to find a properly working elevator. The doors did not close properly, delayed, or you could just walk through them.

Overall, elevators were often bugged on the orbital map, as this clip shows:

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Until the release, however, elevators should work properly and these errors should be a thing of the past.

2. Distribution of points should work properly

What is the problem? Normally in a Battlefield game you get points not only for killing or capturing points, but also for other things that are useful to the team. These include:

  • Healing team members
  • Provision of ammunition
  • Transport-Assists
  • Team member spawns at their own location

However, this is not the case in the Beta of Battlefield 2042. This should also work for the release and players should receive their well-deserved support points.

3. Reviving and picking up weapons

What is the problem? In the PC version in particular, it could often happen that other players could not be resuscitated or weapons could not be picked up.

Every now and then, the entry with “E” is simply not registered by the game. This is particularly annoying in a game when you want to liven up other team members in the heat of the moment and it just doesn’t work.

For the release, the input should then work without any problems.

4. Bunny hopping and sliding should be weakened

What is the problem? Two methods of locomotion are currently very popular in the Battlefield 2042 beta, but they were not intended by the developers:

  • This includes, for example, a 23-year-old shooter trick, bunny hopping. Players use repeated jumping in combination with the grappling hooks to speed across the map and gain an advantage in combat.
  • It looks similar with sliding. This makes players faster than the mere sprint and can give a decent chance bonus in the fight against unprepared opponents.

Apparently DICE is working on restricting both and redesigning them so that they no longer have such a big impact on the gameplay.

5. Weapons and soldiers customization should work in the menu

What is the problem? In Battlefield 2042 you can individually equip your specialists with various weapons and gadgets. In the beta, this was unfortunately only possible in the middle of a game.

In the finished game you should be able to control and adjust your soldiers directly from the main menu, as was also the case in previous offshoots.

6. FPS dropping when aiming with sights is fixed

What is the problem? A player found in the beta that the frame rate drops when aiming through the sights of a gun. (via

The curious problem doesn’t just arise with aiming. In the video you can see his FPS drop from 60 to around 45 just because he pulls out a gun with a sight. When aiming, the FPS drop even further, from 45 to a mere 19 FPS.

This bug has already been fixed by DICE, but unfortunately the fix did not make it into beta.

Further interesting information: In addition to these fixes, DICE also commented on a few other things during the beta. For example, it was about the subject of animation.

There was often criticism of the new close combat animation of Battlefield 2042, which many players do not like at all. Although they thought about switching to the old animations, there are no concrete plans for this.

The animations when getting into vehicles that still existed in Battlefield V have also been deliberately deleted. It matched the BFV setting, but the BF2042 was chosen for the faster variant. There is just no animation to help players drive as fast as possible.

How is the Battlefield 2042 beta being received? Shortly after the beta started, we started a survey in which we wanted to know your opinion on the open beta. The poll was mixed: Here you can find the summary of the results and other votes.

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