6 Answers To The Disease The World Is Warning

Blight was eradicated from the world four decades ago through the use of a vaccine that is no longer manufactured (Reuters)

As science prepares to respond to new variants of SARS-CoV-2 with vaccines that offer even better protection against Govt-19 infection, The so-called “monkey box” has emerged on the world stage, with cases already recorded in 16 countries and confirmed in Argentina with “high probability”.

The monkey, or simian orthobox virus, is a rare disease transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa.

Symptoms are mild, similar to people with encephalitis: fever, headache, muscle and back pain for the first five days. Psoriasis (on the face, palms, soles), sores, blisters and finally scabs appear.

There are no specific treatments or vaccines for monkeypox, but the World Health Organization (WHO) says outbreaks can be controlled. In general, the disease resolves spontaneously and symptoms last 14 to 21 days.

“It has not yet been proven that it is a sexually transmitted disease” (Reuters)

It didn’t take long for Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and other world powers in the United States to suspect that the disease, like Covid-19, could be spreading around the world.

Next, some of the myths that have spread widely and the experts’ explanation.

1- This is a new disease: lie

The monkey disease was first described in 1958. In a typical year, Africa typically sees a few thousand cases in the western and central parts of the continent. but Cases outside of Africa are limited to a very small number of people who have traveled to Africa or imported infected animals.

Now, in the past week alone, the number of cases detected outside of Africa, far exceeding the number detected outside of the continent since it was first identified as a human pathogen in the 1970s, has authorities on high alert. “It’s enlightening to see such a spread”He told the press Naturally Anne Remoine, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been studying monkey flu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than a decade.

Although there is no vaccine against this monkeypox, the human stone vaccine is known to protect against this (antian) infection. Although there is no vaccine against this monkeypox, the human stone vaccine is known to protect against this (antian) infection.
Although there is no vaccine against this monkeypox, the human stone vaccine is known to protect against this (antian) infection.

2- There is no specific vaccine against monkey flu: For real

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Smallpox was wiped out from the world four decades ago by using a vaccine that is not made today. There is no vaccine for this monkey box, but the Human Box vaccine is known to protect against this infection.

These days, David Heyman, Chair of the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Board, states that epidemics and potential risks of infection are “the largest and most widespread in Europe, with many confirmed cases”. , He insisted “Although no specific vaccine against the monkey box has been developed, some countries are looking to the human box vaccine because the two viruses are so similar and offer 85 percent protection.”

3- It is a disease that only affects men who engage in homosexuality: lie

Although most cases in the current outbreak are associated with men having sex with other men, this is not the only disease affecting this group. After all, anyone who is in direct and close contact with an infected person can become infected.

In a radio interview, Analia Riarde, epidemiological secretary of the nation’s health ministry, confirmed that it is not a sexually transmitted disease. “It just struck us at the time that it wasn’t a sexually transmitted disease. Intimate contact is conferred by intimate contact with the liquid from the air droplets or the bubbles or bubbles it forms. But the infection is caused by close contact, which is not an STD.The officer explained.

monkey, or "Simeon-Orthobox-Virus" It is a rare disease, the causative agent of which is transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa (cartridge).monkey, or "Simeon-Orthobox-Virus" It is a rare disease, the causative agent of which is transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa (cartridge).
Monkey, or “Simian Orthoboxivirus” is a rare disease whose pathogen is transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa (cartridge).

4- Measures against Govt-19 can help prevent monkey flu: For real

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Mask use and social distancing are important to reduce the risk of contagion.

According to a virologist at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Tetric, Maryland, “Monkey box virus is not the equivalent of the corona virus that causes Govt-19 disease. It does not spread easily from person to person and because it is associated with the measles virus, treatments and vaccines are already available to prevent its spread.. Though the scientists are concerned, they believe there is no need to panic.

“Unlike the coronavirus, which is spread through airborne droplets called aerosols, the monkey box is believed to be spread through close contact with bodily fluids such as cough saliva,” he said. That’s what it means A person infected with monkey flu is less likely to contract it through close contact than a person infected with the coronavirus.“.

The first monkey was discovered in 1958. At that time, two box-type diseases were spreading in monkey colonies, hence the name “monkey box”. The first case of monkeypox was recorded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970 during serious efforts to eradicate smallpox. Since then, monkeys have been reported in humans in other Central and West African countries. CDC

5- This is a new epidemic: lie

To date, nearly a hundred cases have been reported in more than 7 billion people. This is a situation to be aware of, but not to cause panic. studies are ongoing.

“We need to investigate, focus and monitor if we become aware of something as a state, but that doesn’t mean we have a new virus to infect, it’s far from it.”said Rearte when asked about the severity of the first possible case in Argentina.

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I add: “Today the risk of monkey flu becoming an epidemic is very small. This is because, according to scientific evidence, the virus is not highly contagious to humans. But as observed with the coronavirus infection, we must be vigilant about suspected cases, their isolation and close contact.

6- There may be asymptomatic events that complicate the diagnosis: lie

Unlike the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which spreads asymptomatically to one in 4 people, monkeys usually go unnoticed.. It causes ulcers on the skin. Andrea McCallum, an epidemiologist who leads the “boxvirus” team at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that if the monkey box spreads without symptoms, it’s very concerning because it makes the virus harder to track.

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