526 days have passed since the Taliban banned the education of Afghan girls

526 days have passed since the Taliban banned the education of Afghan girls

(24 News) The decision of the Taliban authorities to ban the education of women and girls in Afghanistan is facing global criticism, but despite this, 526 days have passed since this ban in Afghanistan and still Afghan girls and women are still in educational institutions. I am banned from going.

According to Afghanistan’s Bakhtar news agency, the Ministry of Education has said that girls’ schools will remain closed until a plan is fully developed in accordance with Islamic law and Afghan culture.

When AFP tried to talk to Inamullah Samangani, a spokesman for the Taliban, he refused to comment.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Afghan Ministry of Education, Aziz Ahmed Ryan, also said that he is not allowed to comment on this matter.

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The United Nations education body UNESCO has criticized the Taliban’s decision to maintain the ban on girls going to school in Afghanistan, calling it a major setback.

Heather Barr, associate director of women’s rights at Human Rights Watch and a former senior Afghanistan researcher, also expressed disappointment at the decision. After the announcement of the Taliban’s decision, he has posted some videos on social media in which Afghan female students can be seen crying.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Education has admitted that authorities are facing a severe shortage of teachers in the country. When the Taliban seized power after the fall of the government of Western-backed President Ashraf Ghani, tens of thousands of people fled the country, including a large number of teachers.

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Among the various conditions that the international community had presented for the recognition of the Taliban administration in the future, girls’ education is an important demand, which has yet to be seen to be implemented.

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