50,000 euros “money rain” from high-rise: responsible found

It was an unusual picture: numerous 200-euro bills fell out of a skyscraper in Mainz on Monday. The police have now identified who is responsible.

The police found the person responsible for the “money rain” over the Lerchenberg in Mainz. Banknotes with a total value of more than 50,000 euros fluttered out of a skyscraper on Monday. Apparently, the person responsible had previously purchased the banknotes legally, the police said.

The officials initially did not provide any further information about the person and the background. “We attach great importance to the protection of the person and therefore cannot say anything further,” said a police spokesman. The officials also did not comment on the gender of the person. Accordingly, a “special exceptional situation” led to the rain of money.

Police thank honest finders

In a press release, the police thanked those who found the banknotes so far and asked people to hand in the banknotes to the police if anything else was found. Those who keep the banknotes are liable to prosecution for “embezzlement”.

According to the police spokesman, these are 200 euro bills. Part of the well over 50,000 euros that rained from the building on Monday is still missing. According to the spokesman, the banknotes that have already been found will be handed back to the responsible person.

Several residents of a high-rise complex reported the “extraordinary storm” to the police on Monday afternoon. The search for the notes, in which a sniffer dog was also used, was stopped on Tuesday evening, it said. Some of the money was blown away by the wind, making it difficult to find.



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