“We observe that it is a widespread phenomenon. Leaving aside those over 60, in all age ranges more than half of the people of Buenos Aires would go to another city if they could ”, indicates the IV Report of the index of “Quality of life during the Covid-19 crisis.

Regarding the challenges of public policies for the post-pandemic, the report warns that “state-run education in the City could be overwhelmed if urgent policies are not proposed to meet the new demand for vacancies.” Is that 31% of families with children in privately run schools are considering moving them to a public school.

“If there are no measures and if this trend continues, this transfer would imply an additional demand for 93,310 seats in public management schools. This implies 9 thousand additional vacancies with respect to the June measurement, further aggravating the observed trend ”, alerts the survey of People on the Move.

In addition, 34% consider moving their child to a cheaper school. “As was also pointed out in the previous report, this phenomenon would also imply a challenge for the State of the City”, he indicates and adds that “the adjustment in educational expenses of 65% of families with children in private schools is consistent with other data relevant from this field round: 50% of families with children in private schools consider that they are not in a position to pay the next installment of the educational institution ”.

Regarding health, 49% of porteños who have private health coverage, be it social work or prepaid, are considering leaving their current coverage and becoming a user of public health. In fact, 32% of porteños with private health coverage consider that they are not in a position to pay the next installment of their coverage.

“Given this, the city actually has a small health system. So an avalanche of new users could imply the collapse in the short term of the public health system. If there were no changes, this pressure on the health system would translate into 936 thousand new users in the public health system. Taking into account that 540 thousand people have the public system as their only coverage, a surge of 936 thousand new users would imply a 173% increase in current demand ”warns People on the Move.

The report also arises that the lack of green spaces was also felt during the quarantine. Official numbers indicate that the city has 6 square meters of green space per inhabitant, while the WHO recommends at least 9 square meters. In that sense, “67% of porteños affirm that with more green spaces the quarantine would have been more bearable,” the survey revealed.