5 X-Men Villains Who Could Appear In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Magneto, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

While preparing for the arrival of Kang the Conqueror via Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the foundations are also being established so that, eventually, other relevant villains within the comics are integrated. Especially those who are part of the X-Men.

Due to a matter of licenses and rights, the Marvel Cinematic Universe had not been able to count on characters from the X-Men within its phases. But that changed after Disney closed the purchase of Fox. The franchise, in fact, has already hinted at the existence of mutants and has introduced the odd one through its series and movies.

In that sense, with the arrival of mutants and X-Menat some point, the possibility of their adversaries arriving at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What are the villains that could appear on the big screen or in one of the series that will be developed in the future? We offer five options.

Taking into account that incorporating a new group of characters is not an easy task, it is likely that the arrival of some villains from the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is produced from figures known to the general public. While other sagas enable the use of not-so-famous characters, perhaps this time they will try to take firm steps rather than experiment.

Based on that premise, there are at least five options.


Magneto-Marvel-Comics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness introduced Professor X, Charles Xavier. Although it was a variant that did not go down in history, it is an obvious first nod to the X-Men. What happens to your figure? It’s linked to Magneto’s. He is also the father of the Scarlet Witch. The possible incorporation of him also entails a creative debate: he is a character who has a heroic side. So which version of him will prevail within the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Mystique, Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel, X-Men

One of the most recognized characters, from the previous adaptations in the cinema. His ability to copy the outfit of any person or mutant, through the modification of its cells, makes it an attractive option. This, in a Marvel Cinematic Universe that tends to speculation and sections, little by little, more complex – not too much.

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Omega Red

Omega Red, Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel, X-Men

This villain draws energy from his opponents.. He is a mutant born in Russia. The data can be useful, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe usually relies on these details to recreate various political tensions between USA and that country. The first appearance of him, in the comics, occurred in X-Men, volume 2, #4, under the authorship of Jim Lee y John Byrne.


Apocalipsis, X-Men

This figure is recognized as one of the world’s first mutants and one of the classic villains of X-Men. Was created by Louise Simonson y Jackson Guice. It debuted within the pages in X-Factor #5publi Born in 1986. Part of this character’s powers are related to celestial technology. About the latter, the celestial ones, there were already clues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during eternal.​


Mojo, X-Men

This figure was created by Ann Nocenti y Art Adams. His introduction in the comics occurred in Longshot #3, published in 1985. Mojo belongs to that group of characters defined as “Invertebrates”, an extraterrestrial race that depends too much on its technology to be able to mobilize and attack.

At the moment, there is no further evidence that these characters are close to reaching the story. However, in the not too distant future, they could be options to consider due to their tradition and the context in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe is located.



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