5 tricks to lower your blood sugar level

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Sunday 15 May 2022


Dr. Alexandra Lysenkova, a Russian nutritionist, declared that to lower the level of sugar in the blood, five rules must be followed.

According to her, if the sugar level is somewhat high, it can be lowered without medication by following some rules, according to what the “Russia Today” website reported.

Refrain from eating food containing fast carbohydrates (sweets, pastries, fast food, sweetened drinks, soft drinks and sauces).

Refrain from eating white rice, mashed potatoes, and pasta made from whole grains.

The emphasis in nutrition is on heat-treated food, fresh and fermented vegetables, proteins (fish, seafood, poultry, beef, lamb, rabbit), legumes, and slow carbohydrates (buckwheat, wild rice, millet, quinoa, whole grains). It is necessary to combine proteins and carbohydrates.

Useful fats should be eaten at every meal (eggs, fatty fish, unrefined vegetable oils, raw nuts and seeds, avocados and olives).

– Playing sports.

For her part, Dr. Gulnara Bilaosova, an endocrinologist, stressed the need to follow these rules, noting the exercise that should be done in case of diabetes.

“Aerobic exercise should be done for 30-40 minutes daily and on a regular basis,” she says. “Because physical activity helps to improve the quality of life, reduce body weight and maintain its stability.”

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