5 tips to optimize your iPad in 2023

5 tips to optimize your iPad in 2023

With over 40 million sold every year, iPads are the most popular tablets on the planet today.

The iPad is by far the most popular tablet model in the world. With its new M1 and M2 chips, the device has unparalleled power, but you still have to know how to use it well. In this article we have gathered 5 of the best tips to make the iPad always more efficient and allow the tablet to function optimally.

Stage Manager: multitasking has never been easier

Apple introduced with iPadOS 16 the Stage Manager feature. It allows us to fundamentally rethink the way an iPad should and can be used. With Stage Manager it is now possible to switch from one application to another with a simple gesture. Victim of numerous bugs when it was launched a few months ago, the feature is now stable bringing a new approach to use.

“Detach the subject”: crop a photo? From ancient history

Also showcased at the last WWDC in June, Apple introduced a “subject matcher” feature. With a simple touch on the screen, the tablet manages to understand which part of an image should get rid of its background. It can then be shared both by message (with iMessage) and on social networks.

Freeform: the new kid on the block

Freeform is a native application, developed by Apple teams. It should facilitate brainstorming and note taking by making the iPad a real “sheet of paper”. It is possible to write your ideas by hand with the Apple Pencil or to make a clearer formatting with the Magic Keyboard. All files in Freeform can be shared with collaborators.

The recent application has not yet managed to find a large audience of users, but Apple hopes that it can develop in the coming months while teleworking and remote work are still very numerous following the pandemic.

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Widget: this is just the beginning

First introduced with iOS 14, widgets have since gained ground affecting iPads, but also Macs. More recently, the Cupertino company has promoted widgets by giving them a central place on the lock screen. Limited for two years to the home screen, Apple made the switch last fall when iPadOS 16 arrived.

Focus: The iPad you need when you need it

For social networks and the majority of technology companies, the sinews of war comes down to the attention of the user. The more time he spends on his device, the better. With its different economic model, Apple takes the opposite view of this idea and offers “concentration”.

This evolution of the “do not disturb” mode allows you to configure your iPhone or iPad like never before. The tablet can now be totally silent while watching a movie, for example. By coupling the concentration mode with the “shortcut” automations, it is possible to create paths cutting off the notifications according to the use made of the iPad.

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