5 new cuts with fringe fashion trend Summer 2021

It was anticipated as the queen of 2020 hairstyles, loudly announced as an essential trend also for this 2021 season, seen on the catwalks and replicated in its different forms. The fringe is the undisputed star of the Spring Summer haircuts and certainly does not want to lose this primacy. From bob with bangs to long hair with side bangs. And yet parade fringe, climbed fringe, half fringe. A roundup of looks taken from the fashion shows reveals her most versatile soul and her jaunty but always chic attitude, from which to take inspiration and indulge in a change of look that is always in full trend.

The bob with bangs

Genny Spring Summer 2021

Courtesy of Press Office

It is a cut with defined geometric lines and for this reason it tends to highlight the face and its features. Perfect for any hair and face, it is based on a play of proportions, to adapt the cut to the oval of the face which, if too round, must shorten the fringe, a little above the eyebrows, to give it a more elongated look. It is worn straight to highlight the mastery of scissors and comb or slightly wavy, for a more romantic look on summer evenings.

Long hair with side bangs

cuts with bangs summer 2021

Ports 1961 Spring Summer 2021

Filippo Fior

The long hair when it needs a refresh very often relies on the fringe to lighten the mass and give a new twist. And if it is a fringe that adapts to be worn both with a middle and side part, it increases its versatility without forcing a single hairstyle. The climbed version is the most suitable for this season, because it is well suited to the cool climate and the desire for lightness. No special style is needed, just a nice gust of wind that ruffles the hair and brings the fringe to one side.

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Bangs with wavy hair

cuts with bangs summer 2021

Tod’s Spring Summero 2021

Courtesy of Press Office

We said that bangs are suitable for all hair types and faces, right? It is the play of proportions that counts. So why not also show it off with a ruffled hedgehog or a wavy hat? The fringe is also built on unruly hair, becoming smooth, to stand out even more, or following the style of the rest of the hair, moved too, with that slightly careless and jaunty touch that however appears very elegant and self-confident . Also perfect for days at the beach because it requires no maintenance except a little protective oil that defines the hedgehog and protects from the sun.

Long hair with long bangs

cuts with bangs summer 2021

Self-Portrait Spring Summer 2021

Courtesy of Press Office

Anyone in doubt about getting bangs or not should try this one. A little like Jane Birkin, the long fringe fits well with a thick and long hair, as a continuation of the style of the cut. It just falls on the eyes but does not hide them, on the contrary it gives them that something mysterious and penetrating, which catalyzes their attention. It is a full fringe, scissored here and there to give even more a sense of naturalness to the hair. A classic to try at least once in a lifetime, defined as an evergreen, with which you never feel out of place and always trendy.

Medium hair with bangs

cuts with bangs summer 2021

Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2021

Courtesy of Press Office

A blur that contains more facets and defines the face. The key point is the slightly tapered and scaled fringe that covers the forehead and descends on the cheekbones and then joins the rest of the cut, also pulled off to lighten the mass, without falling heavily on the shoulders. A blur with fringe therefore that points to the contrast between full and empty and plays with proportions and symmetries, without ever getting tired.

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