5 colors for toenails that are trending and 5 that are NOT for this spring summer

5 colors for toenails that are trending and 5 that are NOT for this spring summer

While we are still assimilating that the cow manicure is sweeping the trends of the season, now we come to remind you that your feet are about to go out for a walk thanks to the high temperatures and, surprise!, we knowwhat colors for toenailsThey are the most flattering this season. And those who don’t too.

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Toenail Colors: Why A Good Pedicure Is Important

The arrival of the spring and summer It makes us uncover our feet and in the same way that we don’t neglect our hands, we shouldn’t neglect our feet either. A beautiful and healthy pedicure is synonymous with natural beauty. Also, if we take care of our feet we can also get the most out of those ideal Primark sandals that you just bought and that will be the envy of your friends.

And before going on with the popular toenail colors (and they are not worn) this season, remind you that it is essential to hydrate your feet during the hottest times of the year. The reason? Several, but the most important is that when you bare your feet are more exposed to sun, dust, pollutionsome shoes can cause rcracks or even cracksthe heel is more exposed to external agents… Do you think there are few reasons to invest in a good pedicure?

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Basic steps for a perfect pedicure at home

If you prefer not to go to your favorite beauty salon, here is a quick guide on how to get the best pedicure from home.

  1. prepare your tools: Make sure you have all the necessary tools, such as a nail file, nail clippers, orange stick, moisturizing foot cream, and nail polish.

  2. soak your feet: Fill a bowl with warm water and add bath salts or essential oils to soften the skin and relax your feet. Let your feet soak for about 10-15 minutes.

  3. Exfoliate your feet: Use a pumice stone or file to remove dead skin cells and smooth calluses.

  4. Cut and file your nails: Cut your nails straight and file the edges to prevent them from getting caught in the stockings or ingrown.

  5. push cuticles: Use an orange stick to gently push back your nail cuticles.

  6. Moisturize your feet: massage them with a moisturizing foot cream to keep skin soft and hydrated.

  7. apply nail polish: If you want to apply nail polish, make sure your nails are completely dry before applying. Apply a base coat, two color coats and a top coat to extend the life of the polish.

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5 toenail colors that are OUT and 5 toenail colors that are IN

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