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Now in the car market there are plenty of used cars of different classes, which are sold for quite affordable money. However, availability does not mean that the car will be without problems. For example, he can “eat” oil in liters. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells about the most problematic cars that periodically require topping up of “slurry”.

A typical situation: after diagnosing the engine, it turns out that everything is in order with the engine, and it runs smoothly at idle, but loves to “eat” oil. Let’s figure out what the reason is, and what affordable foreign cars often suffer from this.

In fact, the list of cars is very long. We have selected the most popular. Let’s start with our well-known model – Opel Astra G. You can now buy one for 250,000 rubles, which is insanely cheap. The most popular 1.6-liter engine in Russia suffered from increased oil consumption due to the fact that even during the production of the power unit, the machine did not fully install the oil seals. Because of this, the car suffers from increased lubrication consumption, even though a reliable atmospheric engine is running under the hood.

Photos from open sources

German engines are traditional goo lovers. Among them, we highlight the 1.8 TSI engine, which was installed on many models of Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. In our market, such “folk” cars as the second generation Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Passat B7 are often found with it. They give up to a million rubles for them. Here, the reason for the high oil consumption is the oil separator, which emits a large amount of oil vapor into the crankcase ventilation system. The system is gradually polluted, and this is where problems arise.

From the premium, which can now be purchased for 500,000 – 800,000 rubles, we highlight the BMW 5-series. In 2008, this sedan received a gasoline engine with the N63 index. He became the record holder for the consumption of lubricant. The consumption declared by the manufacturer is a liter per 1000 kilometers. What can we say about the fact that used copies “eat” much more.

Let’s not forget about Japanese cars. Here we highlight the sixth generation Honda Civic. This 16-valve has an increased appetite due to specific settings. Engineers made it high-speed, so that the return was higher. Therefore, the oil level must be constantly monitored.


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