5 biotin cures help against hair loss

Does Biotin Really Help Hair Loss?

Many different factors can be responsible for weak hair and hair loss. Genes are often to blame, but stress, lack of sleep or a lack of certain vitamins can also cause hair loss. Hair often becomes thinner and duller, especially with age. If the cause is a biotin deficiency in the body, certain shampoos, serums and hair treatments can counteract hair loss and help achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

>> Biotin for beautiful skin and shiny hair

Why? Biotin, previously also known as vitamin B7, is involved in various metabolic processes in our body and contributes, among other things, to the normal function of skin and hair. And: Biotin is partly responsible for our keratin production – the core of our hair fibres. A lack of the vitamin biotin can accelerate hair loss or thinning hair.

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