4G packages: what are the best non-binding offers at the moment?  (March 2023)

4G packages: what are the best non-binding offers at the moment? (March 2023)

If you are like many to pay too much for your mobile plan, we have concocted a selection of the best deals of the moment which should help you save money.

There is always a good reason to change your mobile plan. Need more GB, pay less, benefit from a better network, etc. The arguments abound. We have selected the packages at the best value for money to help you in your choice.

The best mobile plans of March 2023

Cdiscount mobile: 100 GB at 9.99 euros per month

Cdiscount Mobile is one of its operators whose main argument is to offer packages with a Go-Price ratio that defies all competition. This time, it is a 100 GB package at only 9.99 euros per month which is put forward. Its big advantage is that it is available at this price for an indefinite time, which makes it one of the most advantageous packages at the moment. Of course, it is non-binding, you have the possibility to change it at any time. Also provide 8 GB of 4G data to be used from the majority of European countries and in the DOM. Please note, however, that this envelope is not separate from the package.

The operator uses the Bouygues Telecom network for both 4G and communications. This is good, because calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France, in the overseas departments or in the European Union.

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The limited-edition 100 GB plan at Cdiscount Mobile is available at 9.99 euros per month and not only during the first year. Note that you have the option of switching to the 5G plan of 130 GB still at Cdiscount mobile for 3 euros more per monthor 12.99 euros monthly and still without obligation.

Lebara: 130 GB at 13.99 euros per month

If you have a substantial daily need for your mobile for any type of use, then this package is obviously made for you. With 130 GB of 4G data accessible everywhere in mainland France, this gives you the right to maximum possibilities with your mobile, such as watching streaming video content, playing online or simply browsing the internet and social networks. Regarding data abroad, this package has a good amount of data from Europe and the overseas departments, namely 15 GB. These envelopes are offered at the same time as that of the basic package.

Lebara provides its customers with a quality mobile line thanks to Orange’s national network, which is still available today. the best network for Data. The operator’s packages include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, as well as from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number.

Lebara’s 130GB plan is available at 13.99 euros per month and the price does not move, even after the first year. This makes it one of the most advantageous 100 GB mobile plans at the moment. It is also a flexible package every month, you are free to change according to your consumption. Note that this offer is exclusive to new customers.

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B&you: 200 GB at 15.99 euros per month (18.99€/month in 5G)

This package clearly does not skimp on the amount of data: you will be entitled to 200 GB of data. Such an envelope will therefore allow you to browse the Internet as much as you wish, to play online games, to watch streaming content, but also to share the connection with several of your devices if necessary, in situations where the Wi-Fi connection leaves something to be desired, for example. Note that this package is also available in 5G versionfor 3 euros more per month and always without obligation.

And, if you plan to travel abroad, know that you will also be entitled to an additional envelope of 25 GB from Europe and the overseas departments. This will still allow you to continue to use your plan more than comfortably during your travels, but be careful, only 4G is activated from abroad. In addition to this huge amount of data, this plan includes, like most non-binding offers at the moment, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, as well as from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number.

Currently, the 200 GB 4G mobile plan at Bouygues Télécom is available at 15.99 euros per month (+3 euros to activate 5G). A price that does not move, even after the first year.

Is it possible to keep his number?

Whichever offer you choose, it will be necessary to add 10 euros to the order total to obtain your new triple-cut SIM card. The change of operator is also done without interruption if you keep your number. It’s free and all you have to do is provide the RIO code for your line (by calling 3179) when registering.

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Also note that these offers are non-binding and offer low prices for a period of one year. The price increases thereafter and if these future tariffs do not suit you, then you can choose to migrate to a new operator during or before the end of the offer. You can use our dedicated tool to create a reminder.

Comparator of 4G packages

In order to discover the best mobile offers of the moment, we invite you now to use our non-binding 4G plan comparator!


RED 4G Package
200 Go

Unlimited calls

200 Go en France

24 Go en Europe


Pricetel 4G package
Oxygen 20 to 60 GB

Unlimited calls

20 Go – 60 Go in France

15 Go en Europe

Coriolis Telecom

Coriolis 5G Mobile Plan
210 Go

Unlimited calls

210 Go en France

25 and Europe

All mobile plans

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