45 women and 51 men: The professional starting lists for the World Championships in Hawaii

Getty Images for IRONMAN Anna Haug won the Ironman Hawaii in 2019. Can she repeat this triumph?

It’s been three years since the Ironman World Championships were held in Hawaii, and the event returns to the island in a week. And bigger than ever before. For the first time, the Ironman Hawaii will take place over two days. The professional women will start on Thursday, October 6, and all age group athletes and some of the male age groupers will also start on the 226 kilometer route. Two days later, on Saturday, the professional men and all other age groups will follow.

45 professional athletes are at the start

In the women’s race, the reigning world champion Daniela Ryf from the World Championships in Utah will start with number one, number two remains vacant. Katrina Matthews will not be able to attend training after her cycling accident. Even a German athlete will not be at the starting line on Thursday, despite qualifying: Svenja Thoes, who triumphed at Ironman Italy a week and a half ago, announced on Instagram that she will not make the trip to Hawaii. However, with Anne Haug, Laura Philipp, Daniela Bleymehl, Laura Zimmermann, Kristin Liepold, Elena Illeditsch and Jenny Schulz, there are seven other women from Germany on the start list published by the organizer.

Start list of the professional athletes at Ironman Hawaii 2022

Starting number Name Nation qualifying race qualification date
1 Daniel Ryf SUI Ironman-WM Hawaii 13.10.2018
3 Anne Haug GER Ironman-WM Hawaii 12/10/2019
4 Skye Moench USA Ironman Chattanooga 26.9.2021
5 Ruth Astle GBR Ironman Majorca 16/10/2021
6 Lucy Charles-Barclay GBR Ironman-70.3-WM 18.9.2021
7 Sarah Crowley OUT Ironman Australia 1.5.2022
8 Laura Philip GER Ironman Austria 19.9.2021
9 Heather Jackson USA Ironman Florida 6.11.2021
10 Lisa Norden SWE Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
11 Laura Siddall GBR Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
12 Fenella Langridge GBR Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
14 Cross brothers Larralde esp Ironman Chattanooga 26.9.2021
15 Maja Stage Nielsen THE Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
17 Sarah true USA Ironman Lake Placid 24/07/2022
18 Jocelyn McCauley USA Ironman Texas 23.4.2022
19 Daniela Bleymehl GER Ironman South Africa 3.4.2022
20 Sara Swedish SWE Ironman Cozumel 21/11/2021
21 Pamela Oliveira BRA Ironman Brazil 29.05.2022
22 Haley Chura USA Ironman Mont-Tremblant 21/08/2022
23 Simone Mitchell GBR Ironman Ireland 14.08.2022
24 Chelsea Sodaro USA Ironman Hamburg 05/06/2022
25 Laura Zimmermann GER Ironman Florida 6.11.2021
26 Manon Genet OF Ironman Hamburg 05/06/2022
28 Rebecca Clarke NZL Ironman Australia 1.5.2022
29 Justine Mathieux OF Ironman Majorca 16/10/2021
30 Lauren Brandon USA Ironman Texas 23.4.2022
31 Elisabetta Corridori ITA Ironman Lanzarote 21.05.2022
32 Joanna Ryter SUI Ironman Cozumel 21/11/2021
33 Rachel Zilinskas USA Ironman Mont-Tremblant 21/08/2022
35 Renee Kiley OUT Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
36 Jen Annette CAN Ironman Des Moines 12.06.2022
37 Heini Hartikainen FIN Ironman Hamburg 05/06/2022
38 Kelly Fillnow USA Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
39 Kristin Liepold GER Ironman Switzerland 5.9.2021
40 Elena Illeditsch GER Ironman South Africa 3.4.2022
41 Dimity-Lee Duke OUT Ironman Germany 26.06.2022
43 Chantal Sainter GBR Ironman Ireland 14.08.22
44 Penny Slater CAN Ironman Cairns 12.06.2022
46 Kylie Simpson OUT Ironman Western Australia 5.12.2021
47 Magda Nieuwoudt ZAF Ironman South Africa 3.4.2022
48 Jodie Robertson USA Ironman Lake Placid 24/07/2022
49 Jennie Schulz GER Ironman Switzerland 10.07.2022
50 Beatriz Neres BRA Ironman Brazil 29.05.2022
51 Susie Cheetham GBR Ironman Des Moines 12.06.2022
52 Kate Bevilaqua OUT Ironman Cairns 12.06.2022
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The pro men in Hawaii

In the men’s race, a total of 51 athletes are on the start list for the race on October 8, led by Kristian Blummenfelt, the reigning world champion from Utah and Olympic gold medalist from Tokyo. However, there will be no direct duel with three-time world champion Jan Frodeno. After his World Cup cancellation for St. George in May, Frodeno will also not be at the start in Hawaii due to an injury. With Paul Schuster, another German athlete drops out on the Big Island. While training in Texas, he broke his hand after a collision with a car. The participating five professional men from Germany are Patrick Lange, Sebastian Kienle, Andreas Dreitz, Maurice Clavel and Florian Angert.

Copy of qualified professional athletes for the 2022 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii

Starting number Name Nation qualifying race qualification date
1 Kristian Blummenfelt NOR Ironman Cozumel 21/11/2021
2 Lionel Sanders CAN Ironman Chattanooga 26.9.2021
3 Braden Currie NZL Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
4 Chris Leiferman USA Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
5 Florian Angert GER Ironman Majorca 16/10/2021
6 Patrick Long GER Ironman-WM Hawaii 13.10.2018
7 Sebastian Kienle GER Ironman South Africa 21/11/2021
8 Gustav Iden NOR Ironman-70.3-WM 18.9.2021
9 Timothy O’Donnell USA Ironman Des Moines 12.06.2022
10 Ben Hoffman USA Ironman Chattanooga 26.9.2021
11 Cameron rubbish OUT Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz 10.07.2022
12 Leon Chevalier OF Ironman Majorca 16/10/2021
14 Daniel Baekkegard THE Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
15 Sam Laidlow OF Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
16 David McNamee GBR Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
17 Joe Skipper GBR Ironman Switzerland 5.9.2021
19 Rodolph von Berg USA Ironman France 26.06.2022
20 Matthew Hanson USA Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
21 Denis Chevrot OF Ironman Austria 19.9.2021
22 Reinaldo Colucci BRA Ironman Brazil 29.05.2022
23 Max Neumann OUT Ironman Cairns 12.06.2022
25 Collin Chartier USA Ironman Mont-Tremblant 21/08/2022
26 Kyle Buckingham ZAF Ironman South Africa 3.4.2022
27 Tim Van Berkel OUT Ironman Australia 1.5.2022
28 Nicholas Castle OUT Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz 10.07.2022
29 Jan van Berkel SUI Ironman Switzerland 5.9.2021
30 Kenneth Vandendriessche CALL Ironman Lanzarote 21.05.2022
31 Ivan Tutuk too KAZ Ironman Austria 03/07/2022
32 Magnus Ditlev THE Ironman Texas 23.4.2022
33 Bradley Weiss ZAF Ironman South Africa 3.4.2022
34 Kyle Smith NZL Ironman-WM St George 7.5.2022
35 Pieter Heemeryck CALL Iron Man Sweden 20/08/2022
36 Christian Hogenhaug THE Ironman Heat 26.06.2022
37 Sam Appleton OUT Ironman Cairns 12.06.2022
38 Clement Mignon OF Ironman Germany 26.06.2022
39 Jesper Svensson USA Ironman Texas 23.4.2022
40 Andrew Lopez BRA Ironman Des Moines 12.06.2022
41 Matthew Trautman ZAF Ironman South Africa 3.4.2022
42 Robert Wilkowiecki POL Ironman Germany 26.06.2022
43 Robert Callin FIN Ironman Florida 6.11.2021
44 Mathias Lyngsoe Petersen THE Ironman Lanzarote 21.05.2022
45 Michael Weiss AUT Ironman Lake Placid 24/07/2022
47 Luciano Taccone ARG Ironman Des Moines 12.06.2022
48 Arnaud Guilloux USA Ironman Florida 6.11.2021
49 Josh Amberger OUT Ironman Australia 1.5.2022
50 Maurice Clavel GER Ironman South Africa 21/11/2021
51 Igor Amorelli BRA Ironman Brazil 29.05.2022
52 Henrik Goesch FIN Ironman Cairns 12.06.2022
53 Andreas Dreitz GER Wild card
54 Matt Burton OUT Ironman Western Australia 5.12.2021
55 David Pleas SVN Ironman Mont-Tremblant 21/08/2022



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