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  • In the two Sunday games of the National League, the home teams, the ZSC Lions and the EHC Biel, will be the winners.
  • In Zurich’s Hallenstadion, the hosts celebrate a hard-fought 4-3 victory over SC Bern.
  • In the 4-0 win over Ambri-Piotta, Biel showed no trouble with weak Leventines.

ZSC Lions – Bern 4:3

In front of national coach Patrick Fischer, the ZSC Lions celebrate their 5th victory in a row. But the 4: 3 over the SCB the Zurich had to fight hard. Thanks to two hits from Chris Baltisberger (5th / 13th), the hosts had an optimal start. But then the Zurich team withdrew too firmly from the game, which the capital city team knew how to exploit: First it was Christian Thomas (17th) who shortened after a solo, before Mika Henauer marked the equalizer in a one-two with Dominik Kahun.

So the Bernese were suddenly back in a game whose initial phase they had overslept. As a result, after a mistake in the build-up game, they had to be reproached for giving up the game again. Garrett Roe (51st) was the beneficiary, Denis Malgin made the decision seven minutes later. The 3: 4 goal from Thomas one minute before the final siren came too late from Bern’s point of view.

Biel – Ambri 4-0

The key scene in Biel occurred 8 seconds after the restart in the last third. After winning the face-off, Biel top scorer Toni Rajala went himself and defeated Damiano Ciaccio in the Ambri goal with a full slapshot. Already in the first third it was the Finn in the service of the Zealanders who, with a nice individual performance, enabled his teammate Michael Hügli to take the lead after a stab.

With the 2nd goal the Leventines had their teeth pulled, who had only brought the hosts into distress in an intense game at the end of the first third. A double blow from Mike Künzle (54th / 57th) shortly before the final siren sealed the fate of the guests. After a dust-off, Künzle hit the final result just before the final siren.

SRF Zwei, sportheute, January 8th, 2022, 10:35 pm;

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