The event has as its protagonist the teacher Heiry Calvi, who is a teacher at the John I. Smith Center in the city of Doral and gave private classes to a former student, while attending JC Bermúdez Doral High School in Miami-Dade, Florida, in the United States.

Calvi was arrested last Friday by the Doral Police after seven months of investigation, and is accused of the crimes of assault / lewd sexual activity, electronic transmission / harm to minors, illegal use of a communication device, offenses against students by authority figures, child neglect without great bodily harm, possession of a firearm on school property, contributing to the delinquency / dependency of a child, and safe storage / firearm of a minor.

The teacher regained her freedom for hours on Saturday and it was there when the Police released a detail: She is in an advanced pregnancy (about eight months), although it was not specified who the father is.

According King Valdes, a spokesman for the Doral Police Department, there was an investigation after a group of students reported a video that the victim had shared, showing him and Calvi having sex.

When the police checked the teenager’s phone, they found explicit photos of the two together and WhatsApp messages where they both expressed their love for each other.

The 15-year-old student told the police that he is not a victim and that he was not raped. However, Valdés indicated that a minor cannot give consent to have sexual relations with an adult. “He told us flatly that he was not raped. But I want to point out that under Florida law, a minor cannot consent.”, he indicated.


Professor Hairy Calvi – visibly pregnant – comes out with her head covered after being released this Saturday. Capture.

The teacher would have approached the victim when she began to give private classes at her home, at the end of last year and shortly after they began a bond. It even transpired that they attended a birthday together where the child introduced Calvi as his aunt.

The teacher refused to testify and did not want to reveal the identity of the father and the police spokesman indicated, given suspicions about whether this baby is the result of this prohibited relationship, that “I’m not going to speculate about whose child it is.”

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