40% of the Spanish population has used aesthetic medicine services at one time or another

In general, the interest and use of Aesthetic Medicine is growing in Spain: according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), in 2021 almost 900,000 medical-aesthetic treatments were performed. In addition to revealing that 40% of the Spanish population has the habit aesthetic medicine services now and then.

60% of non-users of aesthetic medicine admit that they would consider undergoing a treatment if it did not carry VAT.

Socio-economic impact of aesthetic medicine in Spain

This report, presented by SEME, draws a main conclusion: the interest and use of Aesthetic Medicine is growing in our country.

During the year 2021, in Spain a total of 871,525 medical-aesthetic treatments were performed, with this distribution: 626,778 facial treatments (72%), 191,515 body treatments (22%) and 53,232 categorized as ‘other’ such as hair removal (6%).

Of the 626,778 facial treatments performed, 42% correspond to botulinum toxin – consolidating itself as the most performed facial treatment after the Covid-19 pandemic -, 32% to hyaluronic acid and 20% to treatments to improve the quality of the skin .

40% of the general Spanish population has used aesthetic medicine services at one time or another. Among them, the 71.8% are women and 28.2% are men. Most patients undergo treatment at least once a year.

Every time more Youngers

The study reports that aesthetic medicine is attracting more and more young people. A few years ago, the average age of entry into aesthetic medicine was 35 years. Now young people in their 20s mainly have access to hyaluronic acid (HA) lip fillers and botulinum toxin.

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Authorized centers increase by 20.2%

In addition, in Spain there are 6,305 health centers authorized by the Ministry of Health to practice aesthetic medicine, representing 20.2% more than the 5,244 in 2019.

During 2021, the annual turnover of the 6,305 U.48 centers authorized to practice aesthetic medicine in Spain reached €3,585,861,565.

15% more doctors choose to train in Aesthetic Medicine

Currently, training in Aesthetic Medicine via MIR does not exist in Spain. To exercise it, you must be a graduate or graduate in Medicine and undergo specific postgraduate or master’s training.

In 2021, the number of doctors who completed a master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine increased by 15% compared to 2019.

Most demanded treatments

  • Body treatments: photoepilation is the most used treatment (58.1%). Women undergo an average of 3 different treatments and men 2.
  • Facial treatments: peeling is still the most used treatment (42.2%). The average age to start facials is 33 years. Men start earlier, at age 31, as the main treatment they use is acne.
  • Hair treatments: lasers are most requested (55%). Laser and capillary mesotherapy are used more in women, while transplants and transplants stand out in men.
  • Anti-aging treatments: men start anti-aging treatments at 38 years of age, while women at 41, partly because men’s aging is usually more sudden and pronounced.



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