40 million euro hotel opened in Dortmund: New life at the old monument | Regional

Dortmund – 231 rooms in a monument in the middle of the city – welcome to Dortmund’s largest hotel!

After 18 years of vacancy and four years of construction, a 10,000 square meter hotel of the Intercity Group has now opened in the listed Dortberghaus, in the immediate vicinity of the main train station. Investment: around 40 million euros.

Hotel director Petra Bantle shows one of the rooms

Photo: Stephan Schuetze

The building from the 1930s used to house the administration of Gelsenkirchener Bergwerks-AG (Dortmund Group).

Dortmund’s head of planning, Ludger Wilde: “Now we have a great result that characterizes the important entrance to the city.” Hotel director Petra Bentle: “The house is a new calling card for the city.” Gastro and terrace are also open to non-hotel guests.



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