Until September 14, 40 GB of 4G are available at € 4.99 / month at the MVNO. If you are looking to save money for the start of the school year, this is an offer not to be missed!

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With a budget of 5 euros per month, you are generally offered a mobile plan with an internet envelope limited to 5 GB. For the same budget, Prixtel provides you with up to 40 GB of 4G with its Le petit package. Indeed, the offer is on promotion for the start of the school year. Instead of € 9.99 / month, the MVNO bills you at € 4.99 / month for the first year. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is subscribe to it before Tuesday, September 14th.

The little one: a flexible plan of up to 60 GB from € 4.99 / month

The little one from Prixtel is what is called a flexible mobile plan. Its price is scalable. It adapts to everyone’s data consumption. The offer offers 40 to 60 GB of mobile data for a price that starts, in normal times, at 9.99 euros per month. In this promotional period, however, the MVNO offers a reduction of 5 euros per month on each level of its offer. By subscribing before September 14, here is what you have to pay depending on the amount of mobile internet you have used:

  • € 4.99 / month (instead of € 9.99 / month) for one year for 0 to 40 GB of data consumed
  • € 7.99 / month (instead of € 12.99 / month) for one year for 40 to 50 GB of data consumed
  • € 9.99 / month (instead of € 14.99 / month) for one year for 50 to 60 GB of data consumed

Communications do not depend on the price of the subscription with Prixtel. Whatever level you are in, calls, SMS and MMS remain unlimited in France as well as from Europe or the overseas departments. The offer also comes with an additional 10 GB envelope that you can use abroad (Europe and DOM).

Finally, the Le petit package works on SFR’s 4G / 4G + mobile network, which currently covers up to 94% of French territory.

An ecological and non-binding package

The Le petit de Prixtel package is an economical, but also ecological package. The offer is indeed CO2 neutral. For the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the use of its mobile plan, Prixtel intends to offset them by planting trees in France.

Finally, the offer is obviously non-binding. If you find it less attractive after the one-year promotional period, you can cancel it without restrictions.

Need more data, Prixtel is also promoting its Le grand package:

What you must remember

  • – Le petit package on promotion until September 14, 2021
    – 40 GB of 4G / 4G + at only € 4.99 / month for one year
    Discover Prixtel

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