4 Signs You’re on the Verge of Burnout

That’s how you know you’re mentally ill

1. Fatigue syndrome

If you are constantly tired despite adequate recovery periods, then you are probably affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is associated with various physical and neurocognitive symptoms such as sleep disturbances, feeling sick and having trouble paying attention, but also muscle pains and headaches. Irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerances are also associated with CFS. CFS is usually caused by an infection and can affect mental health if left untreated.

2. Persistent lethargy

Exhaustive depression, also known as burnout, cannot be uniformly defined. People talk about burnout when they are chronically overworked and feel mentally exhausted. Lethargy, lack of drive and a persistent low mood accompany it. While CFS is usually caused by an infection, for example corona or flu, burnout is usually due to constant professional and private overload. In addition to poor sleep, loss of appetite and lethargy as well as cardiovascular problems are symptoms.

3. Frequent colds

Anyone who is mentally exhausted, no longer feels any drive or zest for life, often has to deal with colds or flu-like infections. The immune system is weakened and has nothing to fight viruses and bacteria. So, when you feel depressed and join physical ailments, it is a sure sign that you are mentally exhausted and need a break. If you have any symptoms, you should urgently talk to your GP to develop a treatment plan.

4. Lack of friends in life

Wondering what you actually get up for in the morning? What are you doing all this for? We all have phases when you have no drive and question everything. This condition usually goes away – if it doesn’t, it can lead straight into depression and needs treatment. Sport is ideal for strengthening body and mind – endorphins are released, which make us happy and feel good.

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