4 reasons why keeping shoes indoors is bad for your health

Keeping shoes worn around the house can be bad for your health, and there are four good reasons not to. Let’s find out in detail.

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Wear the shoes in the home it can be dangerous to health. Germs, as well as “forever chemicals”, or PFAS, can persist in the body or home for years and sneak into your environment through the soles of your shoes, so leaving them on the doorstep can protect your health. To minimize exposure to pesticides, lead-contaminated soil and disease-causing bacteria, you should take off your shoes when you get home.

The pathogens disease-causing droppings can lurk on the soles of shoes. They can serve as a vehicle for a variety of infectious diseases, according to data gathered by experts. Pathogens on shoes range from Salmonella and Listeria, which are both linked to food poisoning, to Staphylococcus, the bacterium behind Staph infections, and many more, according to a 2016 study.

The study found that up to 80 percent of shoes could carry various pathogens, depending on the type of bacteria and the wearer’s profession. Another study suggests that up to 96% of shoe bottoms carry Escherichia coli, meaning the shoes have come in contact with sneaky feces.

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Shoes at home: wearing them is bad for your health

shoe soles
Shoe soles (Pixabay)

There is also some evidence that the dust and other filth can allow bacteria to exchange genes that help them develop resistance to antibiotics and contribute to so-called “superbugs” which are difficult to treat. It is possible to collect pesticides or even lead into a well-kept lawn or playground. Outdoor environments can expose shoes to various toxic chemicals. Herbicides and pesticides can be found in the home even a week after the chemicals are applied, a 1999 study found that they can cause health risks such as rashes and dermatitis.

Soil can also host particles of lead, one of the most risky environmental risks to health, linked to cognitive impairment and neurological damage. The EPA recommends taking off your shoes at the door to prevent lead-laden dirt from making its way into your home. Research, however, suggests that exposure to asphalt residue through the skin or by inhalation may be carcinogenic.

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Shoes are also a source of small bits of plastic which can be absorbed by your body. Microplastics are super small pieces of plastic that float in the environment. New research has found that microplastics can lodge within the lungs. And shoes are an established source of microplastics, which can track particles not only in the home but also in the natural environment.



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