4 planets and milky way visible

From June, the most beautiful section of the Milky Way will appear again in our night sky. June has another sky spectacle to offer.

From June, the most beautiful part of the Milky Way appears again in our night sky: the galactic center of our star system with the densest cluster of stars.

Center of the Milky Way visible

As the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) reports on its website, the band of the Milky Way is at its widest in summer: two to three hand widths. At the beginning of June, this is just above the horizon in the southeast. At the end of the month, at midnight, the Milky Way rises almost vertically in the south and is ideal to see.

Four planets stand in June at dawn in the east to south-east

But that’s not all. June has another sky spectacle to offer. There are four planets in June at dawn in the east to south-east: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. If you want to see all four in the sky at the same time, you have to get up early. A good time is around 4:15 a.m., about an hour before sunrise, the BR said.

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