4 of the most common failures in car steering

The car address It is a fundamental element to guarantee good driving in any car, since it is in charge of transmitting precision and a sensation of smoothness to the pilot.

Like most of the systems that operate in cars, the steering also wears out over time and use, so it is very important that we always be on the lookout and prevent it from breaking down completely. Fortunately, there are a few signs that we can spot and fix problems before we lose control of the entire car.

Therefore, toHere we tell you four of the most common car steering failures.

1.- Loss of steering fluid

If you continually add more power steering fluid to your car, but it doesn’t seem to help, you may have a power steering fluid leak.

Check under your car for leaks. Chances are, if you have a power steering leak, the residue will collect under the front of your car. If you find a leak, you should take it to a mechanic, because the leak could originate from a variety of different areas of your vehicle.

2.- Hard steering wheel

When the steering wheel gets hard, the driver himself can check the steering fluid with the naked eye, making sure that it is between the minimum-maximum levels. If you do not have the proper amount, you should take the car to the nearest garage so that a mechanic can check the car and find the cause of the fluid loss and thus keep the automotive steering system in good working order.

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In case you don’t find any problem with the fluid level, you will most likely have to pay for new vanes, oil lines, or a new pump.

3.- Loose steering wheel

If the steering wheel is loose it is because the direction is also loose. This is due to a long period of use and the wear of the parts that make it up. When you feel too much play at the wheel, you have to take the car to the workshop for a readjustment of the bushings and an application of lubricant in the necessary ball joints.

4.- Noise when turning the steering wheel

If when turning the steering wheel, you notice some strange noise emitted from the steering system, something is not right and you should check what the fault is.

In case the level of the steering fluid drops to the bottom or the pump does not work well, we can hear a humming noise when turning the steering wheel. If you have no trouble turning the steering and you still notice some noise under the ground, it may be the fault of the bushings, which are worn and loose.

To fix this problem, check the level of the steering fluid and add more if necessary. Then take your car to a mechanic to make any necessary repairs.

Ignoring these faults can cause the problem to grow and become more difficult to repair and the costs will increase much more.


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