4 alternatives to Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a tool from the giant Alphabet that allows you to organize your events, receive reminders of your meetings, add links to video conferences to access these online meetings directly, share schedules or manage different notifications from your daily schedule.

In addition, this platform can be combined with different applications to get the most out of it. But in addition to Google Calendar, there are alternatives that we tell you here and all of them available for PC and compatible with Windows:

  • Outlook Calendar. It is the alternative of another technology giant: Microsoft. On the one hand, if you want to move from one tool to another, you can link the Google calendar in the Microsoft application to share all the dates on it. It is very useful for those who often use the Outlook mail server. You can also link other external calendars like Apple’s.

  • OneCalendar. Its main characteristic is that it is a very inclusive platform: you can include together a wide variety of calendars such as Google, Outlook, Exchange calendar, events from the Facebook social network, iCloud, WebCal and CalDAV. The goal is to offer a broad view of all your commitments (in addition to events and birthdays). Filters also attract attention, since you can filter how to see your information by colors and according to days, weeks, months …
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  • Its ability to synchronize with WhatsApp (since 2019, in a conversation you can write anything to add it as a note, tasks or reminder to Any.Do), Trello, Google Calendar, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, Office 365 and Gmail , among others. It is an app to manage task lists, with reminders and multi-device synchronization. They have apps for many devices, including the web, Windows, and macOS. In fact, it is part of that list of the “30 applications so good that it is difficult to believe that they are completely free”.
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  • NextCloud It is an open source alternative to Google Calendar. Store your information in the cloud regarding text editing, photo gallery, file sharing, calendar application and other tasks. Since Nextcloud includes a CalDAV component, you can create, export, import, and subscribe to iCalendar feeds and events. The Nextcloud calendar offers the usual options you would expect from a digital calendar: color coding, private and public events, import and export of .ics files, event reminder, descriptions, and more. Nextcloud is an open source cloud platform that allows data and files to be hosted between different devices (also mobile) and users. If we had to compare it with proprietary platforms, we would say that it is not only equivalent to Google Drive: it also takes on the functions of Google Calendar and Google Photos.
Nextcloud Icalendar Caldav



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