3rd ordinary congress of the PDP: Innocent Kagbara reappointed as head of the party

3rd ordinary congress of the PDP: Innocent Kagbara reappointed as head of the party

The Pan-African Democratic Party (PDP) held its third ordinary congress this Thursday, September 7, 2023 in Lomé.

The work of this meeting, placed under the theme “centrism, engine of dynamism and innovation for a new Togo”, made it possible to renew the governing bodies of the party in order to give it new dynamism and new momentum.

Thus Innocent Kagbara, national president of the PDP was reappointed at the head of the party. He will be accompanied in this task by 8 other members.

It was also an opportunity to explain to members and supporters of the PDP, the centrist current, the PDP’s vision for a prosperous Togo.

This congress, according to Innocent Kagbara, is an extension of the structural reforms initiated since March 2019 within the PDP. »The PDP as a political formation is resolutely committed to the future. Our political proposals are the result of a real diagnosis. We embody a real political line. Between the conservatives and the radicals, we have decided not to align ourselves, not to be a reasoning body, nor a substitute for any group,” the president said.

He added that the centrist current wants to be a current of peace, which brings together the two extremes to build a new Togo where everyone can have their place. “We think that centrism is the solution for a peaceful alternation,” he said.

Furthermore, Innocent Kagbara stressed that the presentation of a convincing social project, capable of carrying out an economic, political and cultural revolution remains the sole concern of the PDP.

» The priority axes of our project is a reliable response without any pretension to the social downgrading which destroys our social fabric, inhibits the ambitions or the inventive genius of Togo. To achieve this, we must create conditions favorable to the development of our compatriots by safeguarding individual freedoms, by fighting against any attempt to destroy social achievements,” he asserts.

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Participants were also made aware of the phenomenon of violent extremism and terrorism, its causes, its origins, as well as solution approaches.

Nearly 2000 activists attended this congress.

Rachel Doubidji

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