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Actually, every word is too much, both about the club and the combination with Hyballa.
But I agree – unsurprisingly it was a brief interlude. I wouldn’t have expected it to be so short.

I don’t wish anything bad for anyone, but I think after 3 inglorious stations within a year, Hyballa should be prepared for a somewhat longer idle time (at least in professional football).

why did ard and zdf always celebrate him as mega experts and let him jump over the screen as a tactical fox at em and world championships?

his “coaching successes” speak a completely different language on paper

Because his technical competence is undisputed.

I don’t see at all, for me Hyballa is more the typical example of a blender, if necessary he also has the specialist knowledge, but not only is there a lack of conveying it, but in my opinion also the conclusions that he should draw from it himself.

I am really amazed at how positively his specialist knowledge is assessed as a result of his analyzes, I hardly found anything useful / usable. The things he highlighted could also be recognized by laypeople and that seemed to me more like someone who was trumpeting things that he had learned by heart than someone who really did his own analysis.

Example Guardiola or Nagelsmann (extreme examples, because they are very competent), but they really develop their own analyzes, in contrast to football 1×1.

In my opinion, the German national player (unfortunately I forgot my name) highlighted much more interesting things and tactical aspects than the “tactical expert” Dyballa.

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That was no comparison to Klopp’s analyzes back then and I suspect Hyballa did it in the hope / self-assessment of being the next Klopp without realizing that he lacks everything that makes Klopp stand out.

I waited for the comment and, to be honest, was shocked that it took 4 pages. How one can really find his tactical “analyzes” so good that he can deduce a great deal of football expertise from them, I find rather amusing. That already had a lot of regulars’ table character, peppered with individual technical terms.

Or you have little idea about him.

Hyballa; DFB football instructor with a master’s degree in sports science, education and psychology.

The former youth coach of Bayer Leverkusen, VfL Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund was able to celebrate many successes, especially with his work at BVB (U-19), including winning the Westphalia Cup, the West German championship and the German runner-up championship in 2009. For many, he is considered the discoverer of Mario Götze.

After a short stint as head of the DFB-A license coach training, Hyballa became head coach at DAC 1904 DUNAJSKÁ STREDA (1st division), in Slovakia. He sensationally led the club to second place in the table and into the Europa League.

The tactics expert is a sought-after author and speaker with numerous publications and appearances. Including books and seminars for the institute for youth football and as a football expert on Sky, ZDF and WDR. In addition, he gives numerous trainer training courses at home and abroad.

So one thing you can certainly not assume that he has no idea.

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Have you now posted the wiki article he wrote / approved or what is it? Nor have I completely denied that he has theoretical knowledge, as you may have noticed, and apparently he is capable of studying and graduating as well.

Whether he can apply this knowledge well as a trainer or as a tactical expert is more the question that is up for debate.

And if these are his great successes in over 10 years of coaching, they are very clear. It is also to be considered that the clubs where he apparently worked so successfully as a youth coach never got the idea to employ him in a higher position.

I would say he is energetic (positive) or strives to present himself in a positive light (negative), you may have highlighted that with your contribution, but nothing more.

To what extent you give something to seminars or write books is up to you, since I haven’t read your books, I can’t judge them.

In documentaries about him he definitely doesn’t seem like someone with a degree in pedagogy (I like to be an alpha male / boss). And everything on my part has already been said about his work as an expert on television. If you consider what kind of “experts” are walking around, this is really no distinction, even if many of these experts admittedly have less competence than Hyballa.


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