33 points for the New Orleans scarecrow, and a monumental game winner for crucifying Minnesota!

This is not a season of rest that is offered to fans of New Orleans, suddenly when you have to get up to applaud and enjoy, you have to do it. Faced with Wolves who refused to lose this Tuesday night, the Pelicans could count on a huge Brandon Ingram, who chained the big shots in the last quarter to finish with a splendid game-winner (128-125).

We had almost forgotten him and his sleeping eyes.

While preheating very seriously just before Christmas, Ingram had to miss two games in a row in the bridge between 2021 and 2022 and his return was done in a rather low-key way. Two games crashed against Utah and Phoenix, luckily the sun was rising against Golden State last week with a 32-point draw in a victory for his team, we wondered if the winger would be able to quickly regain his rhythm of the calendar of the aven. The answer ? It’s a yes. In a match that felt the choke full nose from the Pels, following a fantastic comeback from the Wolves led in particular by a much better Anthony Edwards in the last quarter than in the first three, the New Orleans public began to eat their fingers and the team of Karl-Anthony Towns saw himself leaving with a small win stolen at the finish. Eleven points behind 10 minutes from the buzzer? One point ahead, 3 minutes 30 from the changing rooms. It was the Anthony Edwards Show in duet with KAT, and in this game we did not give the skin of the zoizos of Louisiana. What it took was for someone to hold the stare with the bastards across the way, and Willie Green didn’t have 36,000 solutions. Devonte Graham too clumsy throughout the game, his only three-point bomb of the match fell at the best time but it’s not as if he was going to return the Wolves to us in five minutes flat and on his own. Josh Hart and Herb Jones impeccably fulfilled their role of glue-guys who do a bit of everything, but where was the scoring going to come from?

Brandin, freaking, Ingram.

We’re not going to lie to each other, if the man with the interminable arms hadn’t intervened, Edwards would probably have continued his madnesses and would have walked away with the win because the sophomore was so hot. But this is the moment that Ingram has chosen, in the money-time, to resume his wonders and keep the gaze with the phenomenon of Wolves. Buckets, buckets, buckets, sanction on sanction, Brandon punished the defenders put on him with an ease that necessarily reminded us of his comparisons with KD. Like this three-point with the foul, 70 seconds from the end of the match, which brings out Vanderbilt for six fouls and represents a move so Durant. Hesitating to start, I go straight up like an i and there is nothing you can do. A three-point bomb from Ant to answer? Ingram finds himself on the left side and also sends an arrow of almost 8 meters which makes a string. One way of saying that defeat will not be allowed, and that if his face shows the state of a nap more often than that of an angry leader, we should not underestimate the fire that burns in him. The Pelicans will play with, precisely, this fire, leaving D’Angelo Russell then Malik Beasley to score on actions full of cold blood. Atrocious scenario for the fans, there are 125 everywhere and the ball is in the hands of the hosts. Only one mission, find the winger and let him act with his magic.


For some reason not yet known, and as you will see in the replay of the action above (1) Josh Okogie’s presence on the floor and (2) his defense on the hottest man on the floor. region apart from Edwards can only cause us to frown. Admittedly, with the exit of Vanderbilt for six faults there was a big option less to stop BI, but how not to tear the hair on Wolves side by seeing a simple feint of cut in the racket creating a magnificent shoot almost at the buzzer ? Too bad for Minnesota, so much the better for New Orleans. Feigning perfectly Okogie, Ingram receives the ball from a well-concentrated Valanciunas and does not hesitate for a second. The sniper pierces the nets and lets his joy explode, putting a definitive stop to the encounter. Wolves are not coming back, and Brandon’s performance will be all to remember. Yes, after the warmth of December we wondered if Ingram was going to do better and, yes, we thought that the Pels would totally screw up their finish. But it is also here that we remember who is the winger trained in Duke, a phenomenon that asks only to speak ball in hand. Minnesota took tariff, the future adversaries are warned.

With 33 points 6/7 from the parking lot, Brandon Ingram played like the All-Star he was until recently. We too often forget the talent of the player because of the overall situation of the Pelicans, but it’s also good to have reminders like the one last night.


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