30 youthful and beautiful haircuts for women with gray hair

30 youthful and beautiful haircuts for women with gray hair

    Gray hair is in fashion. This was made clear by a long list of celebrities who decided to vindicate them by letting them be seen, even with full hair. Queen Letizia, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow or Jane Fonda, became authentic icons of vindication of gray hair and white hair.

    All of them decided to stop covering them and show them off in all their splendor. This was the case, for example, of Jane Fonda, who after passing through the hands of the colorist Jack Martincommented that “She was extremely happy to get her dream hair and that it took her a while to find a colorist who could do it perfectly in a painless process.” The result was spectacular and the strong point: a radical and flattering haircut.

    However, there is still much to do to stop linking “gray hair” with “old age”. In fact, this was demonstrated by Pantene last year with its study “The power of gray hair”, stating that Up to 70% of the women surveyed thought that going gray makes us look older, aged, scruffy and/or unkempt.

    We disagre. Nor names like that of the designer Isabel Marant, who also bets on a natural mane: “I don’t dye myself. I don’t have time to go to the hairdresser. And I’m afraid I’d stop being myself if I did.”he said about it.

    And although a large percentage of women continue to go to the hairdresser to cover them, what they want is to be able to fit them into their hair. As? Here we come into play: with the following haircuts.

    haircuts for gray hair


    Several experts agree that the trick for gray hair and silver reflections to integrate into the image in a contemporary, fresh, natural and rejuvenated way is in the cut. And if you complement it with a shade, even better.

    30 youthful and beautiful haircuts for women with gray hair

    1-The pixie cut

    Undoubtedly, a short haircut with personality and strength. For Mª José Llataof Llata ​​Carrera Hairdresser (in Santa Cruz de Bezana, Cantabria), “Grey hair gives a lot of prominence to facial features. For this reason, the cut will be very useful for highlighting what we most want to highlight while achieving a fresh image that is not aged at all. A pixie is a very current cut that rejuvenates if we wear it with a lot of texture and parade, to make it more daring.”

    corte pixie

    Andriy Onufriyenko

    2-The bob cut, with bangs

    Did you think that the bob cut was not included in this game? MISTAKE. The bob haircut, in its long version, can be the best choice as long as you add two magical touches according to the hairdresser raphael good, from Malaga: the layers and the bangs.

    haircut for gray hair

    Edward Berthelot

    “With a cut as simple as the bob, we can achieve a tremendously modern image if we combine it with long bangs. The bangs always rejuvenate and the layers, so that the hair has a lot of movement and looks vital”. Write down the keys.

    short haircut
    An ideal cut for thin and gray hair: bob with bangs.
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    Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho

    short haircut
    Linda Fargo’s parade half-hair ❤️

    Gary Gershoff

    medium length with gray hair
    A long and super youthful bob.

    Edward Berthelot

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    3-A good shaggy with curtain bangs

    The volume created by the layers of this haircut and the tousled effect is especially interesting for gray hair.

    and as it says raquel saizof the blue room from Torrelavega, “We can wear our natural gray or with some touch of color similar to the color we have, but always keeping it away from the yellow tone that gray hair tends to. A shag with its flattering cape and curtain bangs will do the rest to make gray hair look better than ever.”

    long hair with gray

    Edward Berthelot

    4-Long hair with gray hair

    In this option, precautions must be taken so that hair looks shiny and frizz-freetwo signs that will not bring anything good to a mane with gray hair.

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    “A long hair scaled to create fluidity and with waves to give it more body are valid options that show that gray hair does not always have to be accompanied by short hair. The key is to correct frizz and color, if necessary. From emphasizing the natural color with streaks of the same tone or adding platinum, blondes or greys”dice Alexander Kiryliukof SK Style Barcelona.

    long hair with gray


    5-A short haircut… very short

    Or what is the same, without half the garçon. And there is nothing more rebellious and surprising than a radical haircut. “Short hair like the garçon gives the face and the look a lot of strength. If we comb them to the side, even with a wet effect, the result is incredible and if we also accompany it with a color like platinum or silver, then it is masterful”dice Congratulations Ordás, of Happiness Hair (Mataró)

    short haircut

    Vasily Pindyurin

    6-Short and wavy hair

    This type of cut gives the face a youthful and carefree appearance. Perfect for those women who have fine and brittle hair and are looking for more volume for their hair. This is key once the gray hairs are installed, since they can make the hair appear weaker if it is not treated correctly. So, the fundamental thing is to give it liveliness.

    30 youthful and beautiful haircuts for women with gray hair

    Edward Berthelot /Getty Images

    7-Long and curly hair

    Andie MacDowell has shown that gray hair can be spectacular in long, curly hair, and she has become the best example as well as a style icon for women with gray hair. Gray hair has never been so flattering and so youthful at the same time.

    andie macdowell with gray hair at the cannes festival

    Kate GreenGetty Images

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    8- Mullet style

    Although the mullet style is associated with generation z, Jane Fonda has come to show that women of a certain age also look good on them. And it is that this powerful haircut that the New York actress wears is elegant, daring, flattering, and the best thing is that in addition to all this it is a trend.

    los angeles, california april 29 jane fonda attends homeboy industries 2023 lo maximo awards and fundraising gala at jw marriott los angeles la live on april 29, 2023 in los angeles, california photo by jc oliveragetty images

    JC Olivera


    Jamie Lee Curtis; one of the most important women of the gala of the Oscar Awards 2023 He stands out for showing off his gray hair with pride with a punk-pixie cut with shorter or shaved sides and a slightly longer and higher upper part, thus consecrating one of the most daring haircuts with personality for gray hair. Just sublime.

    hollywood, california march 12 jamie lee curtis, winner of the best supporting actress award for everything everywhere all at once poses in the press room at the 95th annual academy awards at ovation hollywood on march 12, 2023 in hollywood, california photo by jeff kravitzfilmmagic

    Jeff Kravitz

    10-Braids in the hair

    Hellen Mirren proves that braids are not just for young people. At 77 years old, the acclaimed English actress looks spectacular with a side braid with her silver hair. For this, she has chosen to leave her long hair as she had already been accustomed to, coming to wear her gray hair with waves on other occasions, another most flattering hairstyle.

    good morning america 31723 helen mirren and rachel zegler are guests on good morning america on friday, march 17, 2023 on abc photo by paula loboabc via getty images helen mirren

    Paula Lobo


    Diane Keaton wears an ideal straight midi cut that also combines with an elegant black hat, which has already become one of her hallmarks. In this way, the actress adorns her steel gray hair with golden reflections and a midi cut.

    san marino, california october 13 diane keaton attends the ralph lauren ss23 runway show at the huntington library, art collections, and botanical gardens on october 13, 2022 in san marino, california photo by amy sussmangetty images

    Amy Sussman


    Carolina de Monaco embraces her gray hair with an ideal long-bob cut that looks with casual and sophisticated waves, perfect for the summer season.

    carolina of monaco

    Arnold Jerocki

    13- Wavy mane

    Gray hair and mane completely natural. This is how Ángela Molina does it with her maxi long hair and her gray hair that appears spontaneously. A truly eclectic, comfortable and flattering look.

    madrid, spain march 15 angela molina attends the hoss entropia campaign presentation on march 15, 2023 in madrid, spain photo by borja b hojaswireimage

    Borja B. Leaves

    14-Bob with layers

    Nothing like showing off gray hair with a renovating bob-style cut like Jodie Foster does, in this way the actress combines her gray hair with her platinum blonde to create an ideal long hair.

    los angeles, california april 15 jodie foster attends the moca gala 2023 at the geffen contemporary at moca on april 15, 2023 in los angeles, california photo by elyse jankowskifilmmagic

    Elyse Jankowski

    15-Melana with bangs to one side

    As we have seen, gray hair does not resist long hair, and silver hair provides a more glamorous look, especially with bangs to one side that provide a chic and sensual air.

    new york, new york april 24 meryl streep speaks onstage at the 2023 chaplin award gala honoring viola davis at alice tully hall, lincoln center on april 24, 2023 in new york city photo by jamie mccarthygetty images for flc

    Jamie McCarthy

    16-Bob back

    Few cuts are more flattering than the backward bob, in this way showing off gray hair has never been so glamorous and seductive, plus you will get a very rejuvenating lifting effect.

    beverly hills, california march 16 sharon stone attends the womens cancer research funds an unforgettable evening benefit gala 2023 at beverly wilshire, a four seasons hotel on march 16, 2023 in beverly hills, california photo by axellebauer griffinfilmmagic



    This cut is ideal for straight hair, it gives shape and texture to the hair at the same time that it brings elegance in its purest essential. If you are also passionate about minimalist aesthetics, this cut is for you.

    madrid, spain september 15 laura sanchez attends the duyos fashion show during mercedes benz fashion week september 2022 edition at ifema on september 15, 2022 in madrid, spain photo by david benitogetty images

    david benedict

    18-Bob Mini

    A very short bob, with a light fringe and unloaded at the ends, to achieve a fresh and youthful air. This is what Cara Delevingne did at the Met Gala in honor of the maestro Karl Lagerfeld.

    new york, new york may 01 cara delevingne attends the 2023 met gala celebrating karl lagerfeld a line of beauty at metropolitan museum of art on may 01, 2023 in new york city photo by jeff kravitzfilmmagic

    Jeff Kravitz

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    19-Melena XXL

    An extra long mane is perfectly compatible with gray hair. In fact, it can be really youthful as well as avant-garde, as Sarah Harris demonstrates.

    paris, france march 05 sarah harris wears black sunglasses, a gold chain necklace, a black buttoned shirt, matching black puffy pants, outside hermes , during paris fashion week womenswear fw 2022 2023, on march 05, 2022 in paris, france photo by edward berthelotgetty images

    Edward Berthelot

    20-Melena XXL with waves

    If you are looking for more volume in your long hair, this xxl cut will add volume to your hair, generating movement and liveliness. If you also add darker highlights at the ends, your look will get a more daring and distinguished touch.

    new york, new york february 05 joani johnson attends harlems fashion row the prelude at sony hall on february 05, 2020 in new york city photo by johnny nunezwireimage

    Johnny Nunez

    21-Bob lateral

    Part it on the side and ends out. This effect will achieve an effect of greater volume in your hair, one of the cuts that undoubtedly favors silver hair the most.

    paris, france january 25 grece ghanem seen wearing a purple fendi sparkling baguette, a purple cropped puffer jacket, a patterned long dress and dark shades before the viktor rolf show on january 25, 2023 in paris, france photo by jeremy moellergetty images

    Jeremy Moeller

    22-Long hair with two braids

    A long hair with braids does not have to be synonymous with adolescence, but with eternal youth. Style has no age, in this way the model Pino Montesdeoca reaffirms the idea that gray hair can really beautify a woman.

    madrid, spain march 12 editorial use only model pino montesdeoca prepares backstage prior to the catwalk of claro couture during mercedes benz fashion week madrid march 2022 at ifema on march 12, 2022 in madrid, spain photo by david benitogetty images

    david benedict

    23-Corte a lo boy

    With gelled hair and a side part, the garçon cut redefines the codes of masculine aesthetics, turning it into a new icon of femininity. This is how Charlene de Monaco defends it.

    princess charlene of monaco arrives at the cathedral to take part in the traditional festivities of sainte devote in the principalty of monaco on january 27, 2023 photo by valery hache afp photo by valery hacheafp via getty images



    Another of the cuts that plays hard: a mixture between the pixie and the shaggy, elongated at the nape of the neck and in the part of the bangs. Although it stays halfway between one cut or the other, it has the best of both: on the one hand the daring and freshness of the pixie and on the other the sophisticated shaggy.

    los angeles, california january 31 rita moreno attends the los angeles premiere screening of paramount pictures 80 for brady at regency village theatre on january 31, 2023 in los angeles, california photo by axellebauer griffinfilmmagic


    25-Pixie with blunt

    The classic pixie cut but with a quiff, a really glam cut with which you will be as successful as Maye Musk.

    paris, france february 28 maye musk wears belted trench coat outside dior during paris fashion week womenswear fall winter 2023 2024 day two on february 28, 2023 in paris, france photo by christian vieriggetty images

    Christian Vierig

    26-Pixie with bangs

    The bouffant pixie with bangs can look as good as Emma Thompson looks. It is flattering, comfortable and very easy to care for.

    today pictured emma thompson on wednesday, december 7, 2022 photo by nathan congletonnbc via getty images


    27-Very short pixie

    If you are very daring, perhaps you can bet on an extra short pixie with which to show off gray hair with as much style as Judi Dench does.

    london, england october 09 judi dench attends the allelujah european premiere during the 66th bfi london film festival at southbank centre on october 09, 2022 in london, england photo by mike marslandwireimage

    Mike Marsland

    28-Extra long with bangs

    XXL length, bangs and ash, only suitable for the most daring. If you also bet on surfer-style waves, the result is as spectacular as it is avant-garde.

    london, england october 10 kristen mcmenamy attends the alexander mcqueen ss23 womenswear show at the old royal naval college on october 11, 2022 in greenwich, england photo by david m benettdave benettgetty images for alexander mcqueen

    David M. Bennett

    29-Short hair with volume effect

    As Caroline Labouchere says, gray is now her s sign of identity This is how she looked in one of her first appearances with completely gray hair, with volume, healthy and rejuvenating.

    haircuts with gray hair


    30-Midi lateral

    Minimal midi hair with side bangs. If you hollow out the ends you will get a greater volume effect.

    new york, ny september 11 lyn slater of accidental icon attends yajun fashion show during new york fashion week the shows at gallery 3, skylight clarkson sq on september 11, 2017 in new york city photo by mireya aciertogetty images for nyfw the shows

    mireya hit

    Nothing like turning history around and embracing who you are, at any age.

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