Some zodiac signs need to think about their own lives, and for three zodiac signs who put themselves first during the Quarter Moon in Capricorn, October 12 to October 14, 2021, the time is now.

One of the characteristics that come along with a transit such as the Quarter Moon in Capricorn is the need to revise plans and go over and over the things we feel we need to reconsider.

This means that if we feel we’ve made a mistake – in business, love, health, etc – we have to right that wrong; we cannot bear the idea of doing the wrong thing, and this feeling will drive us to make things ‘right’ – even if we are unsure of where we went wrong.

Capricorn energy tends to make us nit-picky and selective, and for Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius, they will start putting themselves first.

Amidst a world of messes and wrong turns, it is Capricorn’s energy that makes us know that we are the only ones we can trust.

Quarter Moon in Capricorn is like a battery recharge – we rely on this energy so that we can rely on ourselves.

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And that is where all of this is going – into the idea of trusting ourselves, putting ourselves first – because, we have to.


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