When Moon Sextile Jupiter comes around, we feel better about both ourselves and our life choices, and for three zodiac signs who experience a love miracle starting October 11, 2021, prayers are answered and what seemed impossible becomes reality.

Love miracles can happen whenever lucky Jupiter connects with the Moon, which is a symbol of the past.

Jupiter enhances our hopes and dreams, making them seem not only possible, but the only way to go.

Hope becomes our natural state, and it’s one that doesn’t falter; in fact, during this transit, we may surprise ourselves at how positive we feel about now – and about the future.

This kind of good vibe is no joke; we feel it, and we act on it. We may be called to act on it ways we could never predict.

In love, this is the well awaited moment of truth; we will come to know whether or not the life we’ve created with another is indeed, the right one…and for some of us, this discovery will feel like nothing short of a miracle.

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Our relationships are, at times, what defines us.


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