3 ways.. How to buy a new 14% savings certificate in Al-Ahly Bank and Egypt

06:30 PM

Monday 30 May 2022

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Al-Ahly and Egypt banks will start selling a 14% certificate with a term of 3 years for a fixed return from today via the Internet and mobile banking, and from tomorrow through the branches, after the decision to stop the 18% annual high-return certificate.

The National Bank of Egypt and Egypt decided to stop the work of the high-return savings certificate of 18% for a year, after achieving total sales of 750 billion pounds with the two banks, according to what officials of the two banks confirmed today to Masrawy.

On March 21, Al-Ahly Bank and Egypt decided to offer a savings certificate of 18% with a one-year term, after the Central Bank decided to raise the interest rate by 1%, exceptionally.

Masrawy presents the steps to purchase the 14% annual high-return certificate with a 3-year term in Al-Ahly Bank and Egypt:

The purchase starts from one thousand pounds and its multiples.

They are purchased from branches or the Internet and mobile banking.

First – buying from the branches of the two banks:

The purchase is made after depositing the specified amount in the savings or current account, or debiting the account if there is a balance equal to the value that the customer wants to purchase.

A copy of the customer’s national ID.

Secondly – Internet and mobile banking purchases:

– The customer enters his identification number and password, either by entering the bank’s website or from the mobile application.

-Select the product from the first box on the certification page.

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Choosing a certificate of 14% annually.

Determine the customer’s account number, whether saving or current, to issue the certificate.

Determine the purchase value.

– The eligibility instructions are selected from which to renew or not to renew.

-Choose the type of account to pay the monthly interest to.

Agree to the terms and conditions of the certificate and the tariff.

A screen will appear with all the certificate data requesting confirmation from the customer.

The bank’s approval or objection to the issuance of the certificate will appear immediately, and a confirmation will be sent to the electronic address registered to the customer in the bank.



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