3 reasons why you should tan in the shade

3 reasons why you should tan in the shade

1. It reduces the risk of developing skin cancer

While the human body needs a certain amount of sunlight to make vitamin D (which promotes calcium absorption for stronger, healthier bones), it does too much of UV radiation is dangerous. When sunlight hits the skin, special skin cells, so-called melanocytes, form the dye after a few hours Melanin. This pigment causes the tanning and protects the melanocytes and the layers of skin beneath them from UV radiation.

Despite this natural protective mechanism, UV rays can negatively alter the genetic material in the skin. As a rule, the body’s repair systems eliminate this damage to the genetic material. However, they are overwhelmed by frequent and intense UV radiation and sunburn. The result: visible signs of aging and skin cancer. Shade, on the other hand, can reduce UV exposure by 50 to 95% and thus reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

2. A more even tan is created

Tanning under a tree in the park or under an umbrella on the beach is not only healthier, it also makes your complexion look brighter more evenly becomes. This is because the sunlight encounters various particles, such as dust or water droplets, suspended in the air on the way to the earth’s surface. The rays Broken and redirected so that they do not hit the earth vertically but from all sides. This process is also called light scattering designated.

Even if we are not directly in the sun, we can be exposed to UV radiation from all sides due to the scattering and reflection of light. A quarter of the total possible radiation still hits us in the shade. As a result, the stress on the skin is not only much lowerthe remaining UV rays also hit clearly evenr on the skin.

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3. Suitable for people with sun-sensitive skin

While tanning in the shade lasts significantly longer, it is especially beneficial for people who are too sun-sensitive skin tend, suitable. Lighter skin types are more susceptible to sun damage and can develop the first harmful reddening of the skin after just 5 to 10 minutes without sun protection. Sunbathing in the shade is against it less stressful for the body and an optimal alternative to tan anyway. In addition, the risk of getting a sunburn is much lower. But: Even if you tan in the shade or under cloudy skies, you should prepare your skin and use sunscreen before tanning outside.

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