3 new features of Android 13 that could reach your mobile in the future

A new leak shows us some of the news that will come along with Android 13, the next system update.

From Android 13, the next big update of the operating system, we have already been able to know some details. We know that its internal dessert name is “Tiramisu”, and that it will include innovations such as support for several languages ​​simultaneously, compatibility with Bluetooth LE Audio and many other new features that have appeared over the months.

And, although there are still a few months until Google begins with the public tests of Android 13, today we were able to know new details on the update, which confirm some of the news that will reach smartphones later this year.

Android 13 will be the next big system update.

New sound control menu

The first of the novelties, unveiled by Android Police, shows what appears to be a revamped sound control menu. This menu, known as “output picker”.

This menu allows control audio playback on the different devices associated with the smartphoneWhether it’s Bluetooth headphones or speakers, TVs with Google Chromecast, or other compatible devices.

In the Google Pixel, this menu received a facelift along with the arrival of Android 12. However, everything seems to indicate that it will be in Android 13 when Google decides on completely renew it. You can see how it will change in the screenshots under these lines:

This feature is currently under development and there are still bugs and design inconsistencies.

Scanning QR codes will be easier

The QR codes have seen a rebound in utility in the last two years, and Google wants Android users to have it easier when it comes to scan these codes with your mobile.

To do this, in Android 13 you could add a option to lock screen that would allow access a QR code scanner quickly, no need to open the camera app or use Google Lens.

Likewise, access to this scanner would also be added to the quick setting panel for quick access to the function.

“Tap to transfer” will allow you to choose which device your music is played on

Finally, a new function called “Tap to transfer“which would allow changing the device on which multimedia content is played. The function is reminiscent of what we can find on iPhones with HomePod speakers.

Thanks to the leaked captures, you can see that the device will notify the user when it is necessary to move closer to the device in which the content is to be played. And, although for now it is unknown how this system will work, it is most likely that technologies such as NFC or Ultra Wide Band, combined with Google Cast protocols.

It is still too early to know if these functions will be, or not, present in the final version of Android 13 that should arrive at the end of summer of this year. All of them are in the development phase, and could undergo changes, or even be discarded from here to the moment the new version is released.

In any case, it is very likely that little by little Let’s get to know new details about the next version of Android, whose program developer preview It should start in the first half of this year, once Android 12L reaches its stable edition.

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