3 Looks | Me Fitocosmética, a store that combines natural and ancestral medicine with beauty, health and environmental care

Her interest in health, care for the environment and natural and indigenous medicine encouraged her to try different branches until she created products with a particular stamp. This knowledge was combined to give life to the Me Fitocosmética venture, which she started in 2016.

Me Phytocosmetics “is the search to see what we put in the body,” Impini described. The objective is that, based on access to natural cosmetic products such as those offered by this business, habits can be incorporated or changed that make the life of the client and patient healthier and more eco-friendly.

Me Fitocosmética products do not have synthetic substances; They are suitable for vegans and are made from medicinal plants. “Inside these creams, there is life”, summarized Impini.

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The brand name comes from the Guarani language, where “Me” means be: for Grisel Impini, “that’s what’s important: being there. Being with the land, taking care of it, and being with one, and using the Guarani language is related to the fact that we are on their lands and for me it is to honor them,” she pointed out.

Born in Entre Ríos, the businesswoman said that she came to Misiones with her family 7 years ago, in search of more natural environments and with the aim of providing a different quality of life for her children, far from the hard cement of the Federal Capital in Buenos Aires, where he lived for 13 years.

Professional training of the businesswoman behind Me Fitocosmética

Grisel Impini graduated as a kinesiologist at the National University of Entre Ríos de Villaguay, and since then she has not stopped researching natural medicine and other alternatives for health care. It was when he came across indigenous medicine, and in this regard, he said: “I learned a lot about herbs and combinations, and this desire to do something natural comes from there, and to generate awareness that the basis (of health) is there” , valued.

To perfect himself in it, he continued his studies in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba. The red land, on the other hand, was the ideal setting to put his knowledge into practice and materialize his projects and intentions to improve the life of the community.

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In Me Fitocosmética, then, her interest in health care is combined with her goal of raising awareness about what types of products, food and practices are promoted in society, where many of them are harmful.



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